Is this sport at risk in SA?

Just saw this today, I dont know the validity of whats in the video, but I wonder if anyone else has heard about this for us down in SA?

Ooh never heard of that store Im gonna check them out.

As far as the video goes , I think if he senses it , it prolly could be heading that way. Theyre gonna do what they want in the end so a qld style campaign may help , or fall on deaf ears.
Bangin on about airsohft might give some leverage towards gel blasters as a comprimise.

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No, I hadn’t heard about any of that. Doesn’t sound good though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I suspect SAPOL and the SA government are too busy right now with bushfire recovery and COVID19 to bother with gelblasters


He makes a point of saying that SA and QLD are independent, and what happens in one State will have no bearing on the other - yet both States independently decided to start a review of gel blasters on the exact same date?

I can’t find any mention of this “review” out there, and all the press from SAPOL or news sources echoes the “please be sensible, we have no interest in regulating toys” messaging. Likewise, can’t think of the last time I saw a local crime story relating to GB. Seems to be a non-issue here.

His comments about gel blasters “moving away” from being toys is likely due to the important differences in the firearms legislation here.

Full metal blasters and receivers are likely to fall under the classification of “Regulated Imitation Firearms”, which is partly look, feel, and function, partly suitability for modification into something dangerous.

Comments on GBB pistol threads here seem to suggest that SAPOL deem these to be an actual firearm.

From what I can see, no local retailers are stocking (or planning to) any full metal or GBB blasters, and the sensible ones won’t ship them here either :slight_smile:

This all needs a serious fact-check at the end of the day.


yeh he’s based in seaford. If you pay for stuff he’ll let you drive down to his place and pick it all up. had a good chat with him too. Always friendly

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As someone from NSW I hope that the hobby continues and south australia continues to have easy access to gel blasters. Saying that I think there are a few things that must be done to ensure that this continues to be the case. For one I believe ensuring that as many blasters come with an orange tip as possible. I can understand people not liking them but it is a staple for toy blasters to have an orange tip many of them are removeable anyways and although this might make it seem pointless it might help calm some people down as long as they don’t look into it any further. Personally I only use black ones for filming anyways. I think metal blasters at this point may be a bit sketchy. It is cool but I think it’s asking for trouble at this point in time. Another thing that should be considered is retailers working towards getting more scifi and nerf like options from manufacturers. the halo assault rifle blaster and pink p90 are good examples and this may help dodge some of the laws in places like NSW around realism. I was very happy to see a pamphlet in my order from armoured heaven detailing proper use of gel blasters which was a very nice touch even though I already knew about the stuff it contained and hope other retailers are doing the same.


I do like the look of that Halo blaster… just wish it had the performance of some of the more modern blasters…

I’ve heard people suggest putting P90 gearboxes in one but I don’t mod so I have no clue. But back to the topic I think it’s a good way to make options which aren’t realistic but can be used by cosplayers and gel blaster enthusiasts. Wouldn’t be limited to halo either- Titanfall, borderlands, destiny etc. would all offer cool but colourful designs which could totally pass as toys.

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This is getting more traction on social media now. Still nothing official to be found from SAPOL/SAGOV, but Tac Edge are preparing to mobilise a campaign, as are local organisations like SAGBSC.

Unlike the heavy QLD focus on “misuse”, the SA concerns do appear (anecdotally) to be all-metal and GBB/HPA blasters, which are already covered by existing legislation, and presently deemed “illegal”.

So, pushing the envelope of what some gel blasters can be and do, has put all of them on the chopping block?

The apparently stealthy/silent approach by SAPOL here is most worrying - at least the recent QLD activity had an air of transparency, even if the outcomes were more or less predetermined.

I imagine the local industry/association response will push the health, fitness, and economic aspects of the sport. As someone who doesn’t skirmish, I can still support these initiatives, but we all know the benefits of responsible involvement in the hobby go deeper than this.

What do I stand to lose if they enact and enforce a ban?

  • A hobby that is safe, fun, challenging, harmless to others, and contributes to the economy.
  • A significant personal investment in blasters - worst case surrender/seizure, best case a fire sale to our friends in the north.
  • My job or the blasters - not really a choice, I’m not risking my livelihood or family’s wellbeing for a (very expensive) piece of plastic that legislatively becomes a “firearm” overnight.

Will post more info as it comes to light.


For those in South Australia this isn’t the time to panic, instead it’s a time to organise and unite together to let YOUR State Government know that whilst you might play with toys, you are not little children nor will you be treated like them.

Our National economy is in the midst of an economic crisis, all businesses will need a financial boost to recover. You must let your elected representatives and community peers know how popular Toy Gel Blasters are and how much they contribute and will continue to contribute to your state economy and society as a whole.

In the last 12 months more than 750,000 toy gel blasters have been sold in Australia, yes that’s over 3/4 of a million units in one year, let alone all of the spare parts, upgrades and jobs that flow from them.

Toy gel blasters are already hugely popular, they are part of a very fast growing industry. A industry that employs many South Australians directly and indirectly, it pays rent on South Australian properties, it pays South Australian rates and taxes, as a whole it continues to positively contribute to your community…

It encourages families both young and old to get together and share a common interest, both indoors and more importantly outdoors. It and it’s supporting industries and employees pay a significant amount of income tax as well as state duties and taxes. South Australians need to ACTIVELY REMIND AND INFORM their elected leaders of these important facts.

THEY MUST talk to all South Australians about this issue, make sure the whole community is fully aware of what could be lost. Send petitions and letters to ALL your local and state representatives. Ring or write to all of your state and local newspapers, make them aware of what could be lost. Contact television and radio stations and MAKE THEM AWARE !

You don’t have to just lay down and accept this, it’s time to STAND UP for yourselves!


SAPOL 2019: “We’re not in the business of regulating toys, we’re in the business of regulating firearms”
SAPOL 2020: ???

From just over a year ago, particularly relevant from the 4:45 mark

So what’s changed in 12 months to prompt such a supposed shift? The internet chatter all points to metal and GBB.

What I’m looking for is a verified source from SAPOL/SAGOV on their current position and/or activities that I can refer to when contacting MP’s or SAPOL themselves.

Leading with “I heard on the internet that you are trying to ban gel blasters” is not a great start in my book.

I have had a word to a friend, who has a friend…
SAPOL ha had a few incidents where gel blasters were used in robberies, only a few
But the biggest issue they have is blasters being seen during transport, back seats of cars etc.
And following up on those complaints is becoming an issue for SAPOL. Diverting resources etc etc

SO , hide your blasters. be careful being seen carrying them
Be good responsible owners