Is zhenduo toys reliable

I ordered a 11.1v battery charger from zhenduo today and i was wondering if they are a reliable company to buy off?

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But yes, if you have a look Zhenduo engage regularly and often with customers on here.



although postage can be quite slow


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I’ve only done 1 order off Zhenduo, but I’ve had zero troubles. The order was worth approx $400 and it came well protected.

The order took approx 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. They give you a tracking number etc so you can view it’s progression.

They have an FAQ / Reply page here too, and from what i’ve seen they’re active and competent :+1:t2:


Thanks everyone for the advice, this is my first time purchasing of them so i was a bit skeptical.

Postage can run afoul of border force on some items, like mags sometimes. Any sets of shs gears I’ve gotten from them have been the real deal, better strike rate with them for genuine items than some retailers here in australia


Ive made 2 orders from them,

1st was just before covid, cheapest place to buy a gen8, and what was local arrived days latet, with the few parts that came out of china a week or so

2nd time, and basically, they were the only ones that has the gear i wanted at the time, 7 week wait

They still seem to be the only ones that stock the leg mag pouch i run. Which sux

Pretty reliable just gotta wait. And the post is shit atm even when everythings make it thru bit good quality my order was worth the wait…

5 orders from Zhenduo to date, all delivered successfully, items were as described, packed well and in perfect condition.

As others have said, shipping times can be slow but this usually takes the form of your packed order sitting with the airline awaiting an outgoing flight to Australia. Zhenduo will usually have dispatched your goods within 2 days of payment being received.

Communication is tip top, just reach out if you need an update.

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I feel bad because I never left a nice review when I ordered from zdo australia, as I told them I would.

I purchased my m401 from them online last year. It was my first GB purchase. Everything went smoothly.

Do they not have an australia warehouse anymore? I noticed the Aus stock tab, but it’s always empty

That should be a good hint not to order anything from Zhendou that is made for A-soft and thinking because it is for a gel blaster that customs will let it into the country, like receivers, handguards and silencers etc.

Times have changed.

You have got to ask why Zhendou no longer is bringing in these items and distributing them from their Qld warehouse


Anyone know if complete gearboxes get stopped by customs in WA? I want to get one from zhenduo but don’t want wait my money

Was too expensive to keep open due to covid at a guess. I highly doubt it would be anything other than that

And they only ever seemed, well, when i started getting stuff from them start of the year, to have complete blasters. Parts all seemed to ship from china

I have purchased a few bits n pieces off Zhendou. It takes forever for them to arrive.

Recently, I bought a set of metal gears for a 3DG from them. I expect they will arrive some time around February, but might be surprised.

The mob I have bought a bit from in the last few months is the Low Key Store on eBay - they seem to be reasonably switched on. Some things have taken a month or so, but others have arrived in a couple of days.

You should be able to I’ve got 2 from zhenduo and two from monkee mods in the last 3 months

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That cos they use free china post. Which basically collects freight until the plane is full then sends it.

If your lucky, you order makes it just beforw the service is full. If your unlucky, its just left and you at the start of the service.

Pretty sure thats what happened with my last package. 7weeks.

Hoping the order i just placed isnt that bad but theres nothing critical

Thanks Kenny, you in WA mate?

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