Issue after installing black out kit

Hi I have just installed the blackout kit for the SKD Glock 18 and she just keeps firing full auto. Trigger isn’t stuck as well. If you tell me parts may have no clue as I’m new to this any help will be much appreciated

Remove the slide. You’ll find a microswitch at the front which triggers the mosfet. You may have that microswitch around the wrong way.

Alternatively, the plastic on the slide which triggers the microswitch may have been damaged.


Thanks it was the plastic damaged. Now she won’t fire the balls

I had the same problem. The little plastic plate in the slide kept popping out. I solved that by putting some duct tape over the edges that sit inside the slots either side in the slide. Keeps it in nice n snug! I hope that info helped cobber!:+1::+1:

ensure the little pop out plate in the front of the slide is ridge down.

its actually the ridge that contacts the micro switch at the front which is responsible for the cutoff