Issues with ihobby

I bought a nwells g17 from ihobby a few days ago, the package arrived very quickly but when I opened the package and inspected the blaster I noticed that the gas inlet valve was bent and there was a huge chip of the back of the top slide. When I contacted them to ask them for help the owner was very rude and side that I had damaged the blaster myself and refused to help me in any way. Be careful when buying stuff online. Stuff might seem like good value but it’s not worth the hassle.

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My g17 is the same for that second pic. I think that’s part of the molding not any damage from them.

For the inlet valve, can’t tell from the pic, are you sure it’s bent or is it just the oring not seated fully? Put a co2 bulb in and see if it seats the oring and doesn’t leak.


If you have the evidence pen them a very polite email with the photographs advising them the product is not up to standard and arrives damaged (that is not your problem and even if damaged in post that is again not your problem). If they reply get lost, then refer the matter to Fair Trading or ACCC, believe they are a Company (has to be a Company engaged in commerce to be within the ACCC’s jurisdiction).

Also write a note with times and dates of any phone calls to document your interactions with the vendor throughout. Again all valuable in getting your complain taken seriously. Need any advice shoot me a PM.


Yes the bottom pic, it comes like that


That’s true even the XTP’s have that slot on the back of the slide

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it’s purpose is so the slide can get over the trigger lever when it’s been removed :+1:


Yes, no fault there with the slide, they have the exact same hole on the real steel models too… I think the gas inlet valve is ok too by the looks of it.
I must say, I do find it funny that over the last 3 weeks or so, ihobby have been incrementally putting up the price of the G17 as the stocks get lower, a $10 increase every week !


This matter has been resolved. ihobby has agreed to exchange the item without warranty.

Without warranty?

Pleased you have an outcome you’re happy with though

Yeah the owner reluctantly said he would exchange it but it wouldn’t be covered by warranty if something breaks on it.

Pretty sure your warranty on replacement bits is the remainder of the warranty on the purchased bits

But…somewhat happy ending

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It was a fair compromise I guess.

Yes , that’s how it works , supposedly

Get it in writing, doesn’t matter if you agree, the replacement is still covered by warranty. They can’t contract out of your ACL rights, any attempt to do so is unenforceable.


Haha funny as cause pretty sure there was not a single thing wrong with that, that’s probably why he is trading it he’s just like meh I’ll just swap em over haha cause he’ll have to work it out by the time he gets his second one that both of those things are standard lol
Also those g17 arnt very great and the slide dosent lock back when you run out so you just waste gas or one of your 12 gels checking your mags still going

I have ordered a WELL M4 CQB, LM ARP9, Well Glock G17, Well 1911 & a few parts and haven’t had any issues.

Always same day shipping via express (except for parts) and usually same day reply to any questions which is more than I can say for any of the big retailers that I have ordered from.

The only minor issue I have had was last week he accidentally sent the wrong muzzle flash hider but then sent a replacement the same day so wasn’t an issue.

btw, in case you don’t know, P1 slides & mags which are a lot easier to find fit the Well G17.

Some good info in:

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I second this forum title.

I’m having an issue with ihobby over a Golden Eagle 1911 3313 co2.

The key issue is that the hammer gets stuck between the cocked and uncocked position every 2 or 3 shots when in use. Further, the mag ceased to be able to pierce co2 canisters after a couple of refills. For extra fun (while still working) the mag feed poorly and didn’t engage the slide when empty. Pretty much a total lemon.

I sent a polite email to ihobby requesting an exchange. They agreed, so I sent it back. Then I get this email:

We have received your parcel with the co2 blaster, we have tested the blaster and have found that there are no issues with the item, the hammer sits half way on all models you just have to pull it back, tested the other things on your list and have found that there are no issues. We have noticed that you have co2 which can be hard to replace the canaster in the magazine. If you would like we can swap the co2 magazine to a green gas magazine which is a lot easy to reload and continue using. You would only need to pay 20 dollars and we can switch them over and send it back to you to enjoy no problem. Hope this helps.
Thank you for contacting us.
Sincerely Jason”

Why? That seems like a pretty reasonable response.


Um. What?
Reasonable on behalf of ihobby?
They’re trying to convince me that the hammer getting stuck between the cocked and uncocked position when in use is normal. It’s not. It means the blaster cannot be fired continuously as you have to constantly manually reset the hammer. It’s a faulty unit. I’ve confirmed this with other users.

That’s not even getting into the substantial mag issues they deny exist!

The icing on the cake is their attempt to have me pay extra to replace the mag for a green gas version! That doesn’t even make sense! What would I pay extra to swap a faulty mag for another of the same value?