Issues with ihobby

They cut us back to two deliveries a week and will leave the shipment in a “safe place”.

Last week, on one day, we had stuff delivered by the parcel courier from Redbank Plains, the parcel van from Heathwood, the postie from Heathwood and Star Track (using Redbank Plains). Each delivery dropped off an A4 sized package (like size of a WETech box) It looks like domestic postage is being processed separately to overseas stuff

Our local postie was really great but he got rotated out after a few months. New one has set a new level in stuffing packages through a slot meant for letters

Makes you wonder?

It does, something going on with post with the strikes and cutbacks. Increased post traffic I’d of thought they’d expand employ more and use more vehicles, instead they cut it back. Doesn’t make sense to me. :man_shrugging:


Well, it stopped feeding around 10 minutes into the first game.
Dam my poor luck. :exploding_head:

I just want to play some gellball… :frowning_face:

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We choose courier please recently since it is more effectively these days. Imaging a express post took 2 weeks to be arrived due to Covid reasons for couple customers.

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