Items seized by customs?

Hi all,

Anyone order a receiver from overseas and had it clear customs?
Normally I would buy local but this was to good to pass up.

Would never recommend buying any reciever from overseas, pretty good chance it will get seized. Most other blaster parts are generally ok to get from overseas though.

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Hi @Hiroshima_screamer yeah I got a great metal M4 receiver from I have since found the direct shop, and order direct.

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Is it not so that gel blasters are legally ‘toys’? If the law states they are toys… then how come they need permits and have hoops to jump thru?

If one needs permits to purchase toy guns, then surely people importing ‘my little pony’ toy horses would need to get their toy ponies imunised against hendra virus and have them vet checked and Quarantined for 6 weeks when they enter Australia? :roll_eyes:


I know people may be inclined to commit crimes with things that look like guns… but one doesn’t need to have anything that looks like a gun to commit a firearms offence.

Putting your hand in your pocket and saying “stick-em up” with your finger pointed at someone is a firearms offence… same as having a piece of black pipe sticking out of a folded news paper and saying “hand over your wallet” is armed robbery.

I believe handing a bank teller a note saying “I have a gun in my pocket, hand over some cash” is considered an armed robbery, whether or not one actually has one in their pocket… it is the inference that is illegal.

I am just confuse as to how laws for real things can be imposed on something that is legally a toy? I mean, if I buy another radio controlled helicopter, will I soon need to have it inspected by CASA, have it checked for airworthiness, an hour meter fitted, the rotor head bearings/rotors/major components issued with a time/life, me to have to have a medical and renew my helicopter license? If I buy another RC car, will it have to go to the dept Main Roads and be evaluated for roadworthiness and fitted with a compliance plate?

No, the last 2 examples are toys… they look realistic, but they are not the real thing…

I don’t see why our toy blasters are any different?

I am sure some of the toy helicopters or toy cars have had xplozives attached… I have seen movies where this happens… but this is a toy used in a crime… which is determined by the mindset of the owner… which means, in the hands of an rrr’s sole… anything can become a weapon.

Just go to Woolies or Bunnings… there should almost be a ‘Murder Weapons’ aisle… with the carving knives, machetti’s, chain saws, mulching machines, axe’s, hatchets, cable ties and tarps…

Surely these (and more) need to be treated as weapons too?


Hear hear!

Couldnt agree with you more.

Is a shame the majority of people in this country don’t understand guns & have been very much brainwashed against them by the govt and media in recent decades.

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Unfortunately too many people fear what they don’t know. And also we don’t give our police enough leadway. As our government main arguments keeps coming up " what happens if someone commits a crime like does a run through (agg burg) or a hold up at a servo. when police arrive they mistake the ‘toy’ for a real gun and the offender is shot dead? answer to that is… Stiff shit! Lol what does he expect if he is going to commit a serious crime like that and put innocent people in harms reach then I’m sorry but you got to expect that you will probably get shot. At least it’s one less person my tax is paying to keep in prison So I put the blade on the offender not the police if he winds up dead. If his life was so important to him he wouldn’t have pretended he had a gun and taken that risk.


When customs has an issue, how do you find out? Do the ring you? Snail mail you? Land on your roof/Kick your door in?

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If I had a $1 for every :scream: letter ABF sent. Would be half way to buying a slab of jack​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Did you get you receiver, any real info on this subject would be great! Want to give it a go but concerned about the trouble it could cause.

Hey bud, I got mine no issues…5 days from China through Chenghai blaster via John wang
Even recently received a gearbox no problem.

Must be just hit and miss with border force I guess

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