It's in the mail! Now what should I build

So I got my alerts (sms and email!) that the new shiny is in the mail.

What’s the fitting list look like at the moment? Any reports coming back on mods for ACR, HK 416, etc?

That’s awesome news man! Will you be able to give us a good review of it, I am sure it will be invincible!

I am a bit torn at getting either the MK Tactical or the Retro Arms box next. What made you chose MK over Retro? Also, MK if you read this, why should I choose yours over the Retro? Are they almost identical apart from the spot for the mag plate?

MK’s was gel blaster ready. RA still had some “adaptions” since it is still an Air S&^% box from what I heard from some of the tech’s.

@BigWeetBix s trying to embed a video here but for some reason, it did not work…head on to our Facebook page if you would like to check out a build with Wells head/cylinder/tappet.

Here’s the Wells Guide

the adaption i have had to do is a small receiver grind out - my selection of receiver though so not a box tweak

and the 6mm nozzle needs work but again, thats my selection not a “feature of the box”

i’m keen to see what the mk guys build next and am really hoping for a m24 or rx-akm :slight_smile:

note for the mk guys - split gearboxes to make the oring maintenance easier. i realise its more material wastage, time and work/waiting but i’ve decided if its not split…its not on :slight_smile:

just tired of chasing springs and shims across the workbench

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I’ll take a look at that. Facebook isnt as open as most people think :wink:

Yer… I like the look of that.