Iwi tavor tar-21 GunRain

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in one. Metal & polymer like the real one and comes in that wood crate /box you might have seen in one of the videos

$850 ish… Just looking for expressions of interest…


I heard that even in China this model is sold out everywhere.

Looking at the next production run :grin:

Damn. I’ve been waiting for a tar to come out. But I don’t have the budget for that. For that price though I’m assuming full metal gear box with possible mosfet yeah?

I think the gearbox is high grade nylon, It’s metal gears and all the bits on the outside are identical to the real one. Metal where metal polymer where polymer etc…

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FWIW, some of the chinese forums state no further production will occur due to excessive costs of production

Well that sucks… I’ve got someone watching out for some so, I’ll see what happens

Its here… but…

Nice performance with just a spring change but guessing it ain’t cheap

That’s sexy AF!
I’d likely shell out for one, then seek forgiveness…:pleading_face:

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so $850 including 2 mags for the Tar.

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Video doesn’t work for me. What’s it say?

Try this version

Thanks. That one worked. I’ll be honest. It’s really tempting. But I also in the last few weeks already done got an mp5 and an acr. I’m not sure I could get another arm :joy:.

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Looks like Renegade Blasters might be another dodgy supplier to avoid like TacToys…

How much did they want it for?

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$850 only by direct deposit… So if there is an issue with it, you’re screwed.


Only direct deposit? Nah fuck that.


$880 for a gel blaster O_o

If I see someone spend that on a M4 I’d agree, but…