J10 ACR Gearbox/Battery/Motor Problem!

Hey guys, as I’m new to gelsoft I’ve been trying to get myself familiar with the gearbox’s. So as a rookie taking apart my gearbox and installing a bigger spring. When i connected my motor and the second I put my 11.1v lipo battery in the motor, battery and wiring heated up instantly! Could this be due to backwards wiring of the motor? Or damage to one of the wires. Btw, no part of the blaster moved either.

It sure sounds like the wires back to front… so the motor is trying to go backwards and the anti reverse thingy is preventing this…

Try turning the motor 180 degrees…

BTW… when testing after a tear down, use a 2S (7.4v) battery for the first test… far less flames with 2S… once you have confirmed everything is correct… then go for the 3S :+1:

Im getting a new gearbox because the wiring had exposed and also one of the pin in the connecters snapped as i rushed to take out the 11.1v lipo.

So do you think its just because of wiring the motor wrong?

Without looking at the burned wiring and the motor, I can’t say… but a 3S battery has plenty of juice in it… if you connect it to a motor that cant turn… the wires will light up like a toaster wire… real quick.

If you had reversed the polarity of the motor, it COULD explain the wires burning.

You could make this the time to put in bigger wires and change terminals (on the battery and the blaster)… and while you are at it, consider putting a 30amp fuse in the red wire on the blaster… so next time, the fuse blows instead of melting the wires…

Cheers man! Appreciate the feedback! Will keep this in mine for trying it next :joy:

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Don’t chuck out the old gearbox… you can use it for spares…

You can also just buy new wire kit… although, for nearly $20… you could buy another box with wires for $35

The wire set is #27 in the drop down box

That sounds like a short in the wiring to me having the motor wires switched shouldn’t hurt it that is what the anti reverse latch is for. It’s exactly what I did last Saturday and that latch saved me a few hassles

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Short in the wiring? As in exposed wire? Once i wired my blaster back up, the instant second i connected my battery everything heated up instantly

check that the mag feed springs are not touching too… … and no crushed/pinched wires… Like Kenny says… if it happened when you plugged in the battery (but you didn’t pull the trigger yet)… it has to be a simple short

The moment I connected the battery i pulled trigger then instant heat

It’s gotta b wiring short somewhere mate the only thing having the polarity reversed on motor will do is make it try and turn backwards

I’ve noticed on a few of my blasters there is nothing between the magazine supply springs except hopes and prayers.
I always jam and glue a bit of plastic there or jam in a wooden toothpick and a bit of glue. Especially bad on the P90

Have u changed the battery connecters if so make sure u got +/-wires right way round also but I wouldn’t think that should hurt it that much

Kenny, anything that tries to make the motor go the wrong way, will be met with the ‘anti reverser’ stopping the motor dead… which is the same as a short.

The OP says nothing about using the trigger… he plugged in the battery and it flared up instantly… so, to me, that is a short that occurs before the trigger is used… so, crushed wire? Mag wires? … or motor wired to go backwards and the reverser stopping it from going backwards would be the first few places i would be looking…

Um he said he connected the battery than pulled the trigger if u read his posts right. Also having the polarity reversed shouldn’t melt wires I literally did just that last weekend and all that happened was the latch stopped it from running in reverse no excess motor heat no cooked wires. I do agree that it is easy to crush the wires if ur not paying attention tho

I’m not the sharpest chisel in the toolbox but I do have a basic understanding of these things

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Maybe get one of these Kenny? :rofl: just pulling your chain mate :+1:

Haha yeah that might be a good idea👍. I’ve been playing with electric rc cars for years calcifier and I’ve cooked many a motor from incorrect gearing so I get that it will fry wires but he also posted.
The moment I connected the battery i pulled trigger then instant heat
From my knowledge he would have to hold that trigger down for a while to do that sort of damage if he just had the motor wires backwards then again stranger things have happened


Maybe you need these :rofl: