J10 ACR Lithium

Im curious as to what people are using for their ACR J10 once they have a lithium battery? I have stock internals just a outter barrel stabiliser, hop up and metal trigger, mag release, saftey an just scope!

Its really sounding like Im about to chew everything inside!

Lol well only one way to find out :rofl:
Some have issues and others have no problems at all.

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Hahahaha! True that brother, no tips or tricks?

I personally haven’t built an ACR but it’s basically a gen9 and some can take 3s Lipo with no problem and others strip gears.
I had a gen9 and had no issues with the stock gears with a 1.25 unequal spring.
A good o ring a good inner barrel/ t piece and a general air leak check should have you smiling .

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Hey, I’ve been running 11.1v 2000mah lipo since I owner it. All I have done is upgrade the o’ring, 1.2 spring, alloy barrel with hop up and have not had any issues with gears.

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When I first got my Gen 9 and J10… the Gen 9 (stock) was very nice and quite (off the hip) accurate and the J10 couldn’t hit the inside of a barn with the door shut…a%20what%20the

I got some 3S batteries… the J10 became nice to sho0ot… much better (more predictable) accuracy and handled the 11.1v battery quite well. The Gen 9 on the other hand… wasn’t as nice to sho0ot, sprayed the gels everywhere… and in less than a mag, it had that whine of stripping gears… the pinion was ok, but the driven gear, where the pinion engages, the teeth had ‘layed over’ allowing the pinion to spin without gripping those 2 teeth

In hindsight, where a blaster has a pinion engagement screw (Gen9 and J10)… I would say to check the engagement depth of the pinion to driven gear (which I didn’t do) before trying 11.1v… and really, you just have to try each blaster and hope it survives, but have spares or upgrades on hand in case it doesn’t work as planned…

Gotta suck it and see… It also is a fact, no matter what the box says, that my Gen 9 may be a knock off (counterfeit) with plastic gears instead of nylon… or the worker who assembled it may not have screwed the motor in deep enough (hence to check) :+1:

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Cant thank you enough for that response brother, that literally answered every question I had and more!!!

Ill be buying spares for sure, im not in it to get the biggest distance for me its just about accuracy and reliability with the battery! so however many FPS it is now thats where its staying (ideally)!!!

Thank you once again bro

Hey bro! Thank you for the response! Any chance you have links to the ones you have purchased?