J10 ACR Not feeding properly

Hey I recently got a j10 but when I shoot it, the ■■■ doesn’t shoot the gels with every trigger. Sometimes when I shoot it, it works but other times no gels come out.

How do I fix this

Make sure the mag contacts and springs are touching properly… if the mag motor is not running constantly, it wont feed constantly.

You can pull the top out of the J10 mag so you can check there is no mushed gel balls clogging it up and you can test run the mag motor using a 9v battery or another power supply… to make sure the mag motor is running properly :+1:

yikes, i saw a guy in tac toys brought in his ACR and said the mag wouldn’t say put, they tried the ACRs in the back and 2 in the front, they all didn’t keep the a brand new mag in, including his old ACR. apparently you can fix it by saving down a bit in the mag well. so long story short, i aint getting a ACR j10

The ACR mags are shit sorry, lots of feeding problems starting at the halfway mark. Best thing I can recommend is go and get some Gen9 mags, they fit the ACR nicely and don’t suffer from the feed issues.