J10 ACR T-piece

Hey, the t-piece for my acr broke from use, so im looking to replace it, however i dont want to replace it with the another stock t-piece. Are there any better t-piece’s available or only the standard one?

Hi Walka, why not upgrade to an alloy barrel with a T piece already bonded on?:+1:

That would be awesome because im looking to replace the barrel while im there. Where could i get one and would it be an upgraded t-piece or the same shitty one?

I just got mine from ebay… I have had a couple come bent (in the post) so message the seller and tell them to package it appropriately… a post plastic envelope or rolled in bubble wrap is not going to stop it getting bent in a mail sack… Let them know you will be getting them to send you a straight one if yours arrives bent.

I have bought from these people… I can’t remember if which sent the one that got bent… whoever it was, they sent me another… just remind them when you tell them what length you need :+1:

Another victim joins the ranks. .

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If your looking for something really nice check these , great service and very fast shipping.


you could use glues to reconnect the broken part, or upgrade it by replacing with another t-piece

Go with @Rattler suggestion. Those alloy barrel off ebay are rubbish. I got one that was meant to be 7.2mm. It was 7.4 at one end and 6.4mm at the muzzle and my 7mm tester bearing got stuck halfway down.

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