J10 ACR tan kit 8 piece help

Iam having issues removing the black fire select plates from both sides and also the large metal piece. Has anyone completely transformed their tan mods

You have to take the rod out. It’s just shoved into the plastic mount. Use some loctite when you mount it back up there. I used superglue when I put the rod back on and screwed the mount. Then oiled it. hope this helps

How come you didn’t just get a Tan one?

Did all of the Tan bits in the kit come the same color? My Tan (or sand) ones have a multitude of different shades of the color… textures also…

Some quality control at the factories would be nice… dizzy laughing%20(1)

Ok thanks ill give it a try tomorrow - managed to remove select fire and install tan colored

Got a tan acr j10 but a few visible parts are black

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