J10 ACR Upgrades

Hey guys, brand new to Gelblasting. Just bought a J10 ACR. Looking to upgrade the following:
O Ring
Add Hop up.
Could someone please supply me with Links to where i can buy these and explain what i need to do, as an idiot in the dark, not much information is out there. Cheers boys

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There is only one link that will supply you all the information you need.

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Agree, YouTube is your friend. This forum as well has info about what people have done. Personally, if you are new do what I did when I got my first Gel Blaster and I think is the minimum you would need to do.
Upgrade spring
Upgrade o’ring
Upgrade battery
Replace plastic barrel with alloy or stainless steel

If you search YouTube for beginner gel blaster upgrades you will understand. Welcome, good luck and get out there.

Look for Low Guido’s chopchoob video’s… you will learn lots! :+1:

He has videos on just about everything

XForce will have an upgrade kit for your ACR.