J10 fire selector snapped

Hey guys as per title, I have managed to snap my fire select! Also on teardown I found that even by hand I could not move the fire select at all. Was totally seized up!
Has anybody else ever experienced this? Can I buy a metal unit toreplace. Have searched but not come up with anything promising

P.s not selector plate on box, but switch itself…

does your selector plate move “freely”

i’ve never heard of anyone snapping the fire selector but there’s a first for everything.

pics for the j10 troops?

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Not 100% on how the acr selector switch acts on the selector plate, but if it’s the same as the M4 and uses an eccentric plate then the screw holding them together may have self tightened through use causing it to seize.

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@zeHamish The selector plate on the actual gearbox moves as it should. Not “freely” but smoothly.
I believe the screw internal side of receiver has tighted upon itself from prolonged usage between CQB and skirmish.
This is the selector switch…

Snapped on the external side right where thread from internal screw ends.
Also can not access the screw inside the reciever, (less than 1 inch between it and the mock switch) nor the mock selector side as they are installed before both half’s of recievers are seam welded.
Can pop out with punch. Now I need to work on a metal selector…

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Spot on @blek! Eccentric plate and seized screw.
Had to punch whole fitting out, now blaster in full pew-pew only… Gotta fix this shit.
Might cruise the Asian gel sites and see what I can find

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@FordScott replacement can be sourced here


Might need a little filling work

Looks to be for an APS or similar style box…
That would need a fair bit of smoothing out, but probably worth it.
But I really don’t mind the full auto only aspect. My field is way too speedy for single fire…

Why not get a metal black out kit? noidea

I think you can also buy the individual parts in metal on ebay… pop

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Bought a new j10 today. Selector switch snapped on second use. Returning to tactoys tomorrow

Bugger, I’ve had a very good run with both my j10s and flogged em hard too

I put in a aftermarket metal silver one to suit my metal silver trigger etc and needs the receiver to be filed down so i just set it to full auto and superglued it in place.

pull it son, don’t yank it!


Being just a cam operated slide switch it’s kinda remedial and not made to withstand to much dirt and gunk build-up.
Be handy if a suitable small rotary switch could be found to do the same job.
Look forward to more thoughts on this.

Does anyone know if you can get replacements of the fire selector cams?