J10 Gearbox grinding noice

All a sudden now when I put my gearbox back together squeeze the trigger and the white ladder will move back to the position in the photo and then stops followed by a big grinding noise. Have tried to open it and reset everything put it back together but it keep doing the same thing. It was not doing this before. What am I doing wrong, or whats going on?


Did you change anything? Piston maybe? Ladder?

No I didn’t change anything.
Super irritating…
I dont know what is causing this issue could the ladder have been damaged in any way, IDK

it is possible…given a stab in the dark with what you’ve said, likely.

you are going to have to pull down the box again to find out though.

The thing is i have done it a few times now and cant pick up on anything.
I put it back together and same result happens each time.
the little “spring thing” that you pull back and rest on the lower gear is a bit harder t oget into place then before maybe…
Thats the only thing I can see that might feel a bit different from before (when it was working).
Im not sure if this is slightly out of place and if this could be the cause.
Also the plastic “teeth” on the tip of motor might show slight signs of ware, but not too bad I dont think. I am baffled, I want this ■■■ ready for Christmas and I cant seam to make it happen.

check your tappet return spring! :smiley:

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$50 and 6 days

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Should the second tooth be shorter or is it worn down?
And if so could this be the issue…?
took it apart and put it back 5 times this evening 4 times it did the same thing where the ladder moves back slightly and then gets stuck followed by grinding noise. on one of the attempts it was shooting fine until i let go of the trigger and it stopped and then right after i squeezed the trigger again but this time it just got stuck followed by grinding noise… going crazy.

Are the teeth further along the ladder worn? Clean the grease off them and have a good look. From about the 7th tooth onwards it looks like they get shorter? Could just be the pic angle. But if it’s stopping about there and grinding you gotta look at that area.