J10 gearbox screws

Gday all, just wondering what anyone may have done to overcome stripped gearbox housing screws. Ive got one that pops out at the top front while another is a bit soft and I don’t want to screw it any tighter.
Thinking Loctite or a smidgen of araldite or a longer screw with a nut on the other side, should be enough room! Or just bite the ■■■■■■ and buy another housing and start again.
Hmmmm :thinking:

@Daveb I’m assuming it’s for a nylon gearbox housing? I personally would get some helicoils and fit those because I love to tinker (and it’d be the cheapest option), but if you’re not comfortable with doing that or couldn’t be bothered just spend the $20-$30 for a new box.

@blek yeah nylon box, would helicoils be available that small? The insert tool would be the size of a toothpick! I’d do that if available I don’t mind tinkering. :+1:t3:

@blek ok wow m3 nutserts!! Wtf who would have thought? Might see if that’ll work

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@Daveb you can get self tapping slotted inserts for a flathead install too

can you get slightly bigger/coarser screws? Or, drill right through and put a nut on the other side (if it is not into a blind hole with something preventing use of a nut?):thinking:

I use these with my 3d printed parts, they work a treat!
You’ll need a smaller size than this but now you know what to look for

AU $5.50 | SL-type Double Twill Knurled Brass Injection Nut Brass Hot Melt Inset Nuts Heating Molding Copper Thread Inserts Nut M4 50Pcs

I too went straight for the ferul

It’s hot and I’m definitely not functional today…what’s a helical?

Helicoil are for fixing a metal thread in metal. Especially softer metal, giving you a precise stainless steel thread.

Basically tap it to a bigger size, screw in the helicoil with some loctite. Done :slight_smile:


How the hell I didn’t not know this is beyond me…

I didn’t know about them either until some dickhead at the local skating rink screwed up my skates by stripping the threads while changing the rubbers on the trucks.
after a few hours researching on google, that’s what I had to get to fix them :smiley:

@Arty_Marty I’ve used helicoils in nylon successfully when nutserts weren’t available. Use a dab of the 24hr araldite instead of loctite to secure them in place :+1:

PSA: Don’t use loctite on plastic parts as it weakens it and can even melt some types.

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They are the same thing as ‘case savers’ in VW (aircooled) engines, to stop the head studs (steel) pulling out of the cases (Alloy)

They also get used commonly where spark plugs have pulled the thread out of alloy heads… they have been around since Adam was a cowboy Cowboy laughing%20(1)

What, like these Marty?rofl


Thanks for all the options, I went with a longer slightly larger option which screwed together tight, then put a nut on the back, not coming apart now! $4.00 from the local hardware and 36 spares. :+1:t3:


And now this!!
So I guess new gearbox it’ll have to be.
Good excuse to get get a metal box! :man_facepalming:t2:

waiting on my MK V2 to arrive (with an entire SHS guts in tow)…the posty must think I have a crush on him…I wait every day and wave, beeming like a horny schoolgirl when he stops…the local courier dumps and runs…I did try to hug him though…maybe dry humped his leg a bit too…


That is hilarious, I’m literally crying laughing, because I know what you mean!!! So who did you get yours from? I think I’m just gonna order the whole lot and beg for forgiveness when she finds out…

I dunno if it’s going to be forgivable.
x force tactical for the perun v2 and MK v2. …
aliexpress for all the SHS bits and the M160 blue motor…I lost count at $600…then there’s the outside of the blaster

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I’m gonna have to do a few more cash jobs to hide that shit properly.