J10 stock removal - Fingered my gearbox

Hey Everyone,
I’m a bit new here so please bare with me!
So the other day I thought some mods we’re something that could pass my time. I was installing an alloy 40cm barrel with new T piece (cbf removing old one) and hopup along with a 1.2 spring.
Everything was going smooth. Tore her down as per any tubetube vid instructs (cheers @LowGuido), and got to the last part, to remove the stock.
So it was really tight and as she started to free up I got her to a point where I could just poke the connector piece thru then removed.
As I inspected the gearbox I saw the removal of the stock had completely fingered my wiring! Like muched it like a disco biscuit!
Checked the clearance between rear of box and where standard stock slides in and very quickly realised the boxes must be installed into receiver after the stock is fitted??? Less than the wires width of room.
Anyone else fingered their blaster straight off the bat? I followed all of Guido’s steps religiously…

Yep done that to my first ACR. Modded no.2 ACR with dremel so it didn’t happen again.

I repaired the wiring in my cousin’s grandsons due to the same thing. While I had apart I done some minor upgrades to it for him, O’ring , 1.25 spring relubed the gear’ s etc. I just fitted a alloy barrel and new T piece for him. I must say they are a nice blaster with minor mods and is tempting to get one.


Do it, and go black :wink:

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I bought one last night :rofl: I got the Tan one though found one at a good price and couldn’t help myself :blush:
The Black does look nice but I didn’t have a Tan blaster in my collection.

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I quickly modded No.1 with a half inch drill bit. Still enough meat for the bolts thru stock.
I got my spring in, along with 40cm barrel but now the hopup won’t fit.
What outer barrel is y’all using to accommodate this barrel?

Same here.
Resoldered wires and added clear heatshrink as added protection.
Cut a 1/4" channel in the sliding piece so it won’t happen again.
Still need to be careful when reinserting the bottom pin.

While in the cutting mood, I added a hole to make spring access easier while I’m testing and tuning.
The less often I have to remove the stock, the less chance of pinching the wires.
A piece off the side of the battery cable door also helps.