J10 Upgrade kit

So included in the upgrade kit for the J10 I got a 40cm barrel.
How does this fit?
It seams way to long, what am I missing?

Find a fake silincer or something to cover the barrel to the end, or some sort of extension or long flash/splash arrester to cover it. Maybe fit a hop up that fits onto the inner barrel at the end?

How long is the barrel sticking out?

Sticking out a good 6-7cm

you can get another outer barrel and shorten the one in it so the end of the new one ends at the right place :+1:

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Does anyone know what size bushings the j10 takes is it 7mm or 8mm?
Also do you need steel bearings as well and if so what size?

What upgrade kit did you get? Didn’t it come with bearings? I am pretty sure they are 7mm:+1:

No it did not…
Looking at Tactoys website they are listing the 8mm as the upgrade for J10… however I think I have seen 7mm also sold for J10.
Also tactoys are listing two different size bearings so Im just a bit confused.

Did you buy all of the parts individually? What did it end up costing you for everything… except the bearings? noidea

It was one of those kits on ebay where you have to pick and choose…I was not aware that the bushings were important :slight_smile: startign to cost a fortune now with all “extra” bits and bobs to make it come together.

I used to buy things individually, even from different sellers, I think it added up to about $150 with everything…

Now, I buy these kits… this one is from China, but I was buying them locally here for about $90… the local guy must have sold out?

Not bad for the works, including bearings and shims for less than $100:+1:

If for a J10, you just have to tell them in a message so you get a J10 T piece… and a what barrel length you want

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Yes tried to get this but it was out of stock unfortunately.