J10 vs SCARv2 comparison

Has anyone got both a SCAR and a J10 and compared them side by side? I have a J10 … which I actually thought was the SCAR until I opened the battery hatch and the big battery bay wasn’t there?? DoH!! then I realised the difference…

So, I quite like my J10, but am thinking of getting a SCARv2 as well… I am just wondering if I should expect the SCAR to be better or worse than the J10?

Do the mags interchange? Do they share gearbox internals?

I am interested in the performance and other plusses and minuses for each :+1:

Hey calcifier I don’t have either of those 2 but I believe the scar runs a gen 8 while the acr uses a v2 style gearbox so most internal parts should b interchangeable


I know someone on here modified the J10 ACR to take a bigger battery and also put a mosfet in the stock as well. Looked quite bad ass. Basically they just raised the height of the cheek rest. (which makes it more functional anyway)
I haven’t got the SCAR but I have the ACR and that is the best quality and strength build wise I’ve ever seen on a gelsoft blaster. I think you’d just about be able to use it as a sledgehammer to demolish a house.

Yeah, they are almost identical to look at. I like my J10… with the J10 you can cut the layer under the cheek flap/hatch thing to for bigger batteries (like the SCAR)… I like the scar has prime function…but I like the J10 has semi and auto…

I might just get a SCAR and compare them myself :grin:

You can add magprime to the ACR for $3 with a microswitch and a diode dude… But on the other hand, you can never have too many blasters… :rofl:

You can name one “Dez” and the other one “Troy” because together…

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Amen… brother Marty…

I took a few minutes to completely understand the concept of ‘too many’ and ‘blasters’ in the same sentence…

It was hard to know what you meant… but I think I understand what that means?..

Not really (hehe)

Bro my first blaster was a scar v2…I’ve completely modded everything internal. Only stock item is the shell lol and even out the box it’s was mean but​:thinking: I couldn’t fight the inevadable of wanting to push the blaster to its best/breaking point lol so it’s chrono 330rps rof over 80 and I’m still blown away by overall accuracy is still good. When I make the trip up to Qld ill be chasing the CQB beast title :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so id say get the Scar you won’t be disappointed

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I got a SCAR today, haven’t tried it yet… looks good tho… :+1:

“Didn’t happen unless there are pictures!” :wink:



Ok, here is the pic you wanted of my arse-

nal so far…

The Gen9 is back together with metal gears, bearings, 470 motor, stainless cylinder, alloy piston, 33.5 alloy barrel, 1.3 spring etc etc…

The J10 which is stock so far but have the same bits here and a 40cm barrel coming…

And the new SCAR…

My ‘buy now finger’ saw a SAW for $89… so it struck… so I have one on the way… after the purchase, I realised it is a kids size SAW… so it should be about the size of a Gen9 I guess? Are they any good? Can they share parts and be upgraded like the others?:roll_eyes::grin:

Sorry about the grainy pics of my arse-
nal… poor lighting… will take some better ones one day soon. Can’t have anyone doubting coz of no pics…


Love the pics your arse…enal looks good on those cheetah print sheets :rofl:


Oooohh kinky bed sheets are on display today.


Not today mate, 10 months ago…


Could be an everyday pic.
Some can be quite attached to their blasters. :wink:

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Masada/Acr is Scar on diet