J9 accuracy and other issues

hi i’ve been modding my j9 and i feel no matter how hard i try i cant get it working how i want.
Its got an alloy barrel, 1.28 spring, metal nozzle,hop up and 11v.
I think i need more skills in sealing it maybe, when i first mod it and put it together it hits hard and straight but after say 30 mins in seems weaker and the gels go far from straight.
As much as i love opening it sometimes i feel i do more harm than good.

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I feel your pain bro… All I can suggest is to get onto youtube and start looking at LowGuidos videos… he has videos on nearly everything… his videos are where most of my knowledge comes from…

Low Guidos channel is not bad for the second best blaster channel on the intertubes laughing (1)

Just watched LG’s DSG vid on piston heads, sealing and vacuum. Learned a lot. Sometimes txt is hard to interpret.