J9 No semi/bearing swap

I just can not get a semi…oops i mean my semi has gone full auto on my gen9 kompetitor.
I was going to strip that b**** down anyway. I have punished it a little.
Working fine. I thought…yep, just a couple of mags and I’ll strip it.
Then the semi just goes auto.
But I’ve just spent the last half hour reading a thread on the issue, so should be able to sort it out.
The question that I do have is…im running the old silver edge (no ambi), with 8mm bearings. Im completely rebuilding this thing.
Don’t get me wrong. Bearings are fine. But I’m wanting to swap them out with t.e. 8mm silver edge bushes. Has anyone done this?
If so, do the new silveredge bushes fit well into this older/different version? (V2).
And, are we talking like…yeah…not too hard mate.
Or is it a case of… yeah…nah…can be done…but…
Just a quick heads up on it would be helpfull before i rip that thing apart.
Knowledge is power. And its always good to try and gain as much as you can before doin…stuff.

Allot of the time semi issues are the cutoff lever being too tight or sizes wrong

@zeHamish Thanks for the info. Ill look into that.

have you made any changes to your cutoff lever / trigger assy?

Nope. It’s stock.
Not quite sure exactly what I’ll do inside.
I’ll open her up and play it by ear.
But first job- radius

hmm…it had a working semi recently i assume?

Yeah. Im little stumped until i get a look i guess.


Give the brains trust an eyeball

Definitely will. Soon as i get my arse into gear. Ill see if i can get onto it today.
Edit: any idea about the bearing/ bushes swap? Or would you not bother!

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i’ve gone away from bearings. i like them but bushes (good bushes) have been wholly adequate.

most claim maintenance around bearings but this wasn’t really an issue for me.

what did do it was a m8’s box here the bearings sat high and fouled to shimming.

bushes can at least be taken down. even if it is hours of lapping

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Decision made.
Hope they are a nice fit…
Hope springs eternal. That’s my positive thought for the day. Coz i think i see some late nights ahead.