Jamming in Kublai K3

Recently got a new Kublai K3 B.A.D and took it to my first game, but it would rarely fire more than 10-15 gels before it jammed.

I was using TacToys Titan hard gels, which I’d soaked overnight. Was also using some glow in the dark ones, which I’d also soaked overnight.

Talking to one of the other members out there, he was saying I’d soaked them for way too long, and suggested letting them dry out for 24hrs before a game so they shrink back to a proper size.

Does anyone have any other tips for this, or can confirm that letting them dry out for 24 hrs is the right thing to do?

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Measure the inner diameter of your inner barrel and measure the diameter of your gels. If the gels are bigger, then that is your problem. For a solution, you could leave your gels to dehydrate to the desired diameter or control grow some new ones to the desired diameter. For best results, gels should be grown to about 0.1mm smaller than the inner diameter of your inner barrel