JF Kar98k sniper

Does anyone have this? The shell ejecting feature is a nice touch but is any mod available to make the FPS higher?

Hey masterblaster!
Yes I just got mine in the mail this week. If you are thinking of getting the 98k, make sure you get the updated version which does not have the shell ejecting feature - shells are just a useless bother. I got my 98k from Tactical Edge.
In terms of upgrades, the internals are identical to the M24 - not surprising since they are made by the same company!
The main difference in the internals is the inner barrel; it’s only 450mm long as compared to the m24 at 500mm.
It’s an awesome blaster; I’ve posted a review on Tactical Edge if you care to take a look.
Have fun!

Is that a video review @James_Kissell?

No mate only a quick writeup sorry😁

Ok so I got this one with the ejecting bullet shells. Totally love this, the bullet shells flying out are really fun!

Going to try to mod this now… Anyone else got this?

Hi masterblaster, I have one and I love it. I’m buying a hop up for it and I’m definitely going to upgrade the spring for a bit more distance. Only thing I don’t like about it is that it only fires 6mm gels. Would have been better if it fired 7mm also.

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Do share when you do the mods!