JG FAL-LK58 Pre order


Yes or No?

Yeah not at 650,I’d be happy to wait 6 months or so for the eofy sales

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675 hurts bad, but a full size SLR with wooden furniture and a bayonet and I can play drill boy in the backyard for hours.


While I’m curious cause I love getting my hands on non m4 platform blasters. I want to see how it goes before I look at it.

I want to like them but I just think they are ugly


Yeah but sometimes the ugliest ones work hardest for your love and approval…

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It think it will go the same as every other blaster with a V3 box and 450 mm 7.5 barrel in it.

The price is going up but the internal technology isn’t advancing because it is limited by the structural integrity of the gel balls.

I am planning to resist spending any more on new gel blasters, including the Golden Eagles until I see what turns up around the middle of the year.

You said something about a new Aug and there is an SLR in the works?

Ah, the postman just turned up with another 50 bulbs - time to break out the toys and have some practice. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Insert usual comment about not buying pre-order or first iteration of new products until well reviewed by players who know what they are talking about. Shop talk is marketing puff. You can literally buy a lot of other stuff in life for $650 that doesn’t involve a risk component as to whether it will work, from an industry in general that don’t want to support their products after they get your dollars.


Anyone else find it strange that there’s a five star review already on a pre order product

What I found strange is they actually hyped up a pre order date. Not a release date. The date that you can invest in their interest fund :joy:


Yeah I’m not getting it anyways, still waiting on the ldt ump and the golden eagles look perfect to go with my cyma m16 that I also don’t have yet so a lot of money to save this year

Yep, if they actually cost $300 each delivered and they can find 500 ‘investors’ at $650 each, they are laughing… provided they can deliver.

Probably a case of determining interest to see how many they order in. Profit gets locked in before they even hit the water

TEH have been around long enough, are big enough, established enough, and make enough money that they can obtain finance from any number of financial institutions. Just like every other business.

The player base needs to make a firm stand against this pre-order crap. Not only do they cover their stock costs, they are taking their profits before they even have the product made.


There is also a FAL coming in from Blaster Empire (small store at Milsim East) which is slightly cheaper at $550. Unsure if it’s the same manufacturer or not.


I’d much rather support the little guys

Couldn’t agree more Tiger. TEH can defintiely do without the punters providing free finance. I won’t be jumping on this bandwagon.

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