JG Sig 552 or LH Sig 552?

Hi, just wondering if anybody has any experience in either of the two. I really want to get a sig 552 but I don’t know which one to get. I know that there is a big price difference but the gearboxes are also very different. The JG one is $500 with a metal reciever and full metal gearbox, however it does not have a 3 round burst option. The LH is mainly nylon with metal bits like the rails and the bolt, it has a plastic gearbox, metal gears and a built in MOSFET which makes it do 3 round burst and mag prime. I’m not sure if I want a realistic feeling one or the one with more features. I just need to get a honest opinion from people who have used them, thanks!

I’ve used the LH Sig 552, it’s alright but jams on Ultra Elites. Works fine on AKAs though, used it for an entire day no issues.

I expect the JG Sig will be of a higher quality though. The price difference could tell anyone that.

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Thanks for your input, I’ve held the JG version and it does feel nice, I’m just slightly gutted that it doesn’t have a 3 round burst. There is also the caveat that it’s $150-200 more than the LH depending on the vendor.

The LH has 3 round burst, I found that out of 15 trigger pulls on 3-round burst, 13 of them had at least one gel hit a 1m diameter target at 30 metres.

That was with AKAs.

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That’s actually very impressive for a small’ish blaster. Definitely leaning more towards the LH one! Just have to wait and see what people say about the JG.

some more on this thread

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I’ve given the LH model a crack, a mate got one, he’s very happy with it. Does occasionally double feed on single fire, but it’s robust and feels good in hand. Unusually metal lower and grip, thick nylon top. Anyway, it’s actually a pretty cool piece. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Yeah a lot of people have been saying the LH sig is very good. I’ve watched a few reviews of people using it overseas and they seem to like it a lot! I am just waiting for a mate who is going to buy the JG one and see what its like out in the field.

Wouldn’t knock it. Would get one of my own, but got an APS AKSU which is similar in terms of folding shortened rifles. But I did enjoy the LH. And I’m not that concerned on double feeds on single shot unless it’s blending the gels, and that wasn’t an issue overall.