Jgworks sig 550 sig 551 sig 552

any one purchased one of these yet

was in M4A1 yesterday and had a feel of one looks and feels good
they have spare mags t-pieces and gearboxes for them as well

gearbox is proprietary type motor is different as well going by what the sales person was telling me


looks kind of like a v3

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he said it was similar but reckons the motor shaft is shorter than std

i do like the 551 the best out of the 3.

Don’t tempt me. I want all the blasters.

Shouldn’t there be a rubber on the end of the nozzle so as to not destroy gels (har har cue the jokes)

Someone commented that the last time that pic was posted. Yep they normally have one. Guess they just didn’t for the pic m4a1 used.

Asoft have long, medium and short shaft lengths so maybe a med?

The JG AUG has no rubber nozzle. It’s a JG thing. I’m surprised they don’t shred gels but they don’t.

Ah ok. Didn’t know that. Surprised they get a good t-piece seal too

Yeah haven’t pulled mine apart yet but there’s apparently rubber in the tpiece to create seal.

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You are 100% correct, rubber in the T piece.
They aren’t bad at all once you get past battery location and battery size limitations

I heard these are pretty hefty. Any weight estimate?

yes have a nice weight to them i had a feel of the 3 variants say they have to be 4kg or more


We have the whole range of JG works in stock at the moment guys :slight_smile:

Use Code: JGWORKS at checkout for a further 5% off

@Sting_Ops … Do you carry the JG Aug mags?

Unfortunately sold out at the moment

Can you can weigh the sig blasters and confirm if they’re around 4kg?

Confirming closer to 4.5kg

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