Jgworks sig 550 sig 551 sig 552

so no one got a JG SIG?

i am still saving

I kinda don’t want one…:exploding_head:…went to M4A1 and fondled the long one and yeah just meh!! Didn’t like the finish on the reciever or the fit of the furniture.

That’s good to know. Have been considering grabbing one while sting has their 10% off sale.

I got one about a week ago (550). Complete pig of a battery placement, already have minor damage to battery wrap after one use. Metal bipod is a bit annoying too but easy to remove. Not particularly happy with my purchase overall.

@Dudefromoz The only exciting thing about them is the nozzel - they don’t use a rubber tip. All metal (alloy)

I did end up grabbing one from sting when they had their sale. Got the 551. I like it. Different enough to the ARs. Like the lugs on the mags so you can lock them together for quick mag swaps.

Battery compartment is tight. Just like the mp5 it’s always going to be front wired. I use the 7.4 flat nunchuck batteries from x-force. https://x-forcetactical.com/product/ldt-metal-mp5-battery/

Can position them a little easier, just have to be careful still putting the cover back on.


so its been ages

are they any good or have they some problems ?

I got it more as a display piece so have used it much.

I successfully resisted the urge so I don’t have one BUT I do have the JG AUG and JG FN-FAL Hybrid. Only real complaint is the nylon ladder with one metal tooth. Might be okay in asoft but all it took to strip my FN ladder was a blocked barrel.

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You can take the metal case out in the battery area and get more space for battery

I’ve met 2 different guys lately who have the 551 and say it’s great. Especially for the price. And at just under 300fps it’s perfect for places with a limit. Looking at getting one myself.