Jin Ming ACR j10 upgrades

Heya, I’m quite new to gel blasters learnt a little bit and Ive got a stock ACR j10, Not to confident on what internal upgrades have to be done to accommodate each other.
Was thinking anything past the battery, barrel and spring upgrades will need a complete upgrade on everything?
Which type of motor would you recommend for it (torque or speed) etc… 470-480 motor…

Welcome mate. The ACR is a nice bit of kit. I’d only replace things as they brake/ wear out nowadays. In the case of the ACR I’d simply make sure it’s air tight and efficient. Which means changing the o-ring out and glueing up the t-piece.

Added an 11v battery and ran it till the gears wore out. Then added a 1.25 spring, metal gears (+ connecting bits), 35cm Bruisemaster barrel.


Keen to get these mods for my ACR.

Recommend any info on gear ratios if i upgrade them?
I’m thinking 18:1 looks like the one to go from other forums I’ve looked at.