Jin Ming ACR j10 upgrades

Heya, I’m quite new to gel blasters learnt a little bit and Ive got a stock ACR j10, Not to confident on what internal upgrades have to be done to accommodate each other.
Was thinking anything past the battery, barrel and spring upgrades will need a complete upgrade on everything?
Which type of motor would you recommend for it (torque or speed) etc… 470-480 motor…

Welcome mate. The ACR is a nice bit of kit. I’d only replace things as they brake/ wear out nowadays. In the case of the ACR I’d simply make sure it’s air tight and efficient. Which means changing the o-ring out and glueing up the t-piece.

Added an 11v battery and ran it till the gears wore out. Then added a 1.25 spring, metal gears (+ connecting bits), 35cm Bruisemaster barrel.


Keen to get these mods for my ACR.

Recommend any info on gear ratios if i upgrade them?
I’m thinking 18:1 looks like the one to go from other forums I’ve looked at.

What size o-ring would you recommend?

If you just ask for a green or brown upgrade oring from any reputable store they will supply the right one. Be sure to put a bit of lube in the cylinder also, and test the compression before refitting.

You have to remember that the correct size for the O ring will look too thin for the groove in the piston and it will look like it is too big/loose as well… the baggy O ring wallows in the groove and blocks and unblocks the holes to make the piston suck and blow… If you put an O ring too fat in the groove, the holes wont work properly… same if it is too tight in the groove.

When the O ring is correct, you have it on the piston all lubed up, you start feeding in the piston at a bit of an angle and there is a bit of O ring that looks like it is too big?? You just have to feed the bit of ‘extra’ O ring in gently as you feed the piston head in (sounds like a B grade porno?) :grin: just dont rush and cut/pinch the O ring… once it is in… cycle the piston a few times (to spread the lube and settle the ring) then block the nozzle with the piston drawn back (but not out) and compress… the piston should go about 1/5th of the way in and stop… and hold… until you let your finger off the nozzle. If the cylinder is ported, with your finger on the nozzle, once the piston goes in past the port, it should compress and stop only a little past the port… until you release your finger from the nozzle.:sneezing_face:

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but there is a 24.5mm O ring and a 25.5mm O ring… we need the 25.5mm (the bigger one anyway)

I can’t remember the exact size, I just have a big bag of them and the size isn’t marked on it, just the part numbers

mine are green. The numbers are: 388691 C1-a3-14 & 2576382

ok, thanks, info much appreciated.
So i will have to buy some lube? Any suggestions of where to get it from?

I am using some that came with gear sets I bought off ebay… you can also buy it alone on ebayy, but they want alot for it…

I got some gear upgrade stuff off of this seller… they are a good seller. I bought a few sets and am still using the first set of lubes… I think other sellers wer selling just the lubes for about $14… makes the gear sets a no brainer Flipper laughing%20(1)

Make sure you stand the tubes up once opened… if they lay down, they leak and make a mess (and wasted) badluck

Super Lube. The Air boyz swear by it.


OK, thanks, will get that now.

Thanks, bit expensive though :moneybag:

I now have coming:
1.3 spring
metal gears
plunger head
shim set
Will that be a good start??
Can anyone recommend anything else i am missing??

A spring retainer… here is one for $5 (if the ad is genuine) so be quick. They are usually $19.

Make sure it is really for a Gen 9 J10 before you jump… but it looks right and only $5

Thanks, just got it…
any other necessities?

hey, I have just upgraded the spring and o-ring in my one of these and I have a piece leftover, where does it go?

trigger spring looks like…

yep, thanks
Figured it out eventually. I still dont know if i put it in right coz semi-auto doesnt work properly

hi mate iv have a 1.3 spring , green o ring ,35cm long - 7mm ID tight bore fighting bro barrel, upgraded return spring…
i can tell you that you can really hear the 1.3 do it work, and you can feel it aswell…it hits hard and hurts!
thing i noticed right away is my standard motor and 7.4v battery are not really powerfull enough, you can hear the battery die out quickly.

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