Jingji feeding issue again

So previously I had issues on gels shooting out 5 to 10 metres and that was because of the air seal and now that is fixed. The gel balls come out normally now but the problem is that the gels aren’t coming out consistently. What I mean by this is that when I hold does full auto, 10 or so gels would come and and then stop even when the trigger is still pulled. So I pulled the trigger again and the same thing happens. And to a certain extent, I pull the trigger and the gels come out when they feel like it.

I had it all working before but now this… FFS

when it stops shooting gels, turn the blaster upside down and see if it starts again … if it does, it must be something to do with the mag motor, the connectors or the gels too small for the mag motor wheel to grab? :thinking:

Try a different mag… measure your balls… :laughing:

Hey Brendan…

I has a similar issue here which turned out to be a ridge inside the t piece not allowing my FB barrel to seat all the way in

Yep did turn the blaster upside down and because the pin gets push down, the balls should come straight out but it doesnt

My barrel is sitting correctly in the t piece because there are cut outs at the end of the barrel to be slotted with the t piece.

I had the same problem before and it was because of the length of air nozzle. My air nozzle was a little too long, so gel feeding wasn’t consistent. The air nozzle wasn’t pulling back enough to allow space for the gel to travel through the T hop.

So what i did was repositioning the T hop away from the air nozzle/gearbox , which create more space in the T hop for the gel to pass through

not sure if you’re facing the same problem but this was my problem with my slr, i’m using FB gearbox and FB T hop btw

My cylinder head fits perfect in the t piece. I think the tappet plate that I 3d printed may be a tad long and therefore not pulling the cylinder nozzle back far enough.

I had a similar issue with my hk not feeding due to the tappet not being retracted far enough to let the gel into the breach. Had to make my own “sector delay chip”, and now feeds like a dream!

Yes, definitely check to make sure the nozzle isn’t too long it doesn’t leave enough space for the gels to feed into the chamber when the tappet being pulled back. If it is too long, you need to replace it with a shorter one, may also possibly cut it shorter (if it allows) and put back the rubber tip. Tips: You can also check to ensure the air nozzle does retract all the way forward not leaving any space (perfect seal) to the barrel. You can trim the front of the tappet plate to fix this so the air nozzle can travel further.

If you’re using normal 18:1 ratio gears, you don’t necessarily need a delayer chip, but I could be wrong, you just need to experiment more.

If you are running high ROF instead (11v build with speed motor even when using 18:1 gears), you can cut away the tail (in line with the lower edge / up to the middle of the sector gear shaft) to help with the feeding issue on full-auto firing. You can look up DSG build tappet plate mod, they’re out there. This method does fixed mine.