JinMing Gen 8 Build Questions

G’day all,

Newbie to both gel blasters and this forum. Have a JM Gen 8 M4A1, and have certainly been bitten by the bug!

I’ve commenced a build for an upgraded Gen 8. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the gearbox nutted out (stand by for if it goes south), but having a few issues sorting out the body. Have purchased the XM316 receiver, which has the attachment points for the OEM fishbone and buffer tube. Question - to attach one of the many metal fishbones to the receiver, what do I need? Is there an adaptor that attaches to the fishbone to mate to the receiver? Or does the fishbone, with the spacers, use grub screws to attach? Do these metal fishbones require an outer barrel sleeve to attach properly?

Appreciate any guidance you can provide.


Hi and welcome :grinning:
Yes you need the adaptors one to go on the receiver and one to go on the outer barrel.
The receiver adaptor has 2 grub screws that fit in the groove on the receiver and fit exactly the same as the original the other one is a support for the other end and the fishbone just clamps over them.
Just do a search on ebay for
Jm gen 8 fishbone adaptor

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Thanks mate- appreciated

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