JinMing J-11 Feed Issues

Hi All,

I recently got a J-11 and I have performed a few mod’s, namely:

  • Alloy Barrel;
  • Changed the spring to a 1.18 unequal;
  • Changed the cylinder head; and
  • Changed the O-ring.

I’m now having some major feeding issues on both semi and full auto, often requiring me to pull the trigger ~5 times on semi before a gel will feed and fire. As far as I can tell the magazine seats and feeds fine and I didn’t have any issues before modding. Have I just caused everything to move too quickly thus failing to feed or is there something I can do to alleviate this.

Any advice would be appreciated.


check your mag terminals, they might be bent out of place, if not that. it might be the cylinder head? good luck on fixing it.

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Check the nozzle is sitting in the end of the tappet plate properly. It may not be sitting in the groove

@TM_Sergei @Daveb Thanks guys, I’ll check that this weekend.

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