Jinming J11 Tactical AK 47

tell me what you think about the gun dose it look good or not.

have a look at it here - https://www.gelblastersaustralia.com/product/jinming-j11-tactical-ak-47-pre-order/

Hiya mate.
Have you got any pictures??

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Hehehe, I found the AK on the GBA website.
That looks awesome!
It’s quite cheap though at 180 bucks… I wonder why?

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well when GBA guns are on pre order they are cheap most of the time looks super cool tho.

i might get one when it comes out and when there are reviews of course.

Me to. Especially if it is nylon. It looks mean…

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apparently its not that bad out of the box, an average of 250 i think i saw on one website, but hey, if its an ak, ill get it.

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Not sure why my comment was removed???
Are we allowed to say BLASTER or QLD???

This is weird…

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On that bad story on channel 9, the idiot said on camera that they ship to states where it is illegal anyway…your post confirmed it. If any wowsers saw your post, it would give them reason/proof to say “see, Queensland is the distribution point for selling blasters to states where they are illegal”… so they may become illegal in Qld too. The forum has to not be seen to promote illegal activity also… to not be seen to be ok with Queenslanders sending blasters to NSW and Vic.

My suggestion is you rewrite it as “I got my hands on one last week, very nice blaster etc” … so you don’t point the finger at Qld :+1:

You say “got my hands on” doesn’t mean you OWN one… how you have put it means you are saying you have in your possession, an illegal blaster (in the eyes of the authorities… an illegal fire arm)

After you have read this, hit like and I will remove it :zipper_mouth_face:

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G’day mate. They aren’t illegal in SA (yet). Weird I know. I was amazed we got them at all. We just cant have ones that have alloy fishbones, receivers and stocks etc because if they are all alloy then they become replicas!! For some odd reason, go alloy and “poof” they are now a replica. We have shops here too M4A1 is my closest. I hear that Tac Edge will be opening a store here to soon. Cant wait!


Sorry, for some reason I thought you were in Vic? Yeah, as you say, SA , Qld and Tas, gel blasters are ok… The rest of the states, they are like poison… What about the ACT?

It would be nice if this forum had a location or simply state next to the avatar or something, so members know if they are talking to someone in their own state or another… or in the USA or whatever… not an address… just a locale…


i think the ACT is fine i think? i saw ACT Gellball on facebook a while back.

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