JM ACR J10 Mag Fall

Hello guys. Does anyone ever experienced ACR’s mag fell or without pushing the mag release? Mine happen couple of times. Appreciate if someone can give a hint or done hack for this issue… :peace_symbol:

Is it the standard beige mag?

Yup. The standard mag for JM ACR

Hey hardy I’m also having the same problem. I replaced the spring for a 1.4 and had to put the stock one back in cause the gears weren’t strong enough. I also put in a 34 cm alloy barrel but it doesn’t seem to fit the mag properly even though it’s got the right T piece

Standard T piece or did you buy another when you got your barrel?

Yeah. The bar is the root cause. Longer, more flexible and less rigid material than others. Best solution is replace it with metal one. Thanks guys.

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Anyone got sources on the best priced alloy kit?

I bought 1 of these at the start of the week and mag kept falling out. I just asked them to exchange for another J10 and it was fine.

Did you run the 1.4 spring with the standard nylon gears? What battery are you using?
And did you chrono it with the 1.4 spring
Sorry for all the questions but I’ve got 2 of these 1 reliable and hitting 260-270 FPS but I’d like to get the other about 320-330 for bit of extra sting :wink: