JM ACR J10 Metal Upgrades

Greetings from Malaysia!
I am very new to the world of Gel Blasters and have been following this forum for a couple of weeks and absorbing as much as I can.
I have just pre-ordered a JM ACR J10 which is coming in a couple of weeks. OH I CANT WAIT FOR IT!!!

Anyways, i’d like to prepare a few mods before it arrives which are:
Fixing the O ring
Alloy Barrel
Metal Gearbox Enclosure

I can find the first 2 but no luck on metal gearbox enclosure. Main reason would be overall durability. At the end of the day, i’d like to have the option of going stronger spring etc, and i am fully aware some of the parts may wear out in which will be replaced as and when it actually breaks/wear out.

My country is pretty strict when it comes to gel blasters but should not be a problem in shipping it in if required. Do let me know if anyone has information to help out! Thanks so much!!

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g’day! welcome to the zoo and from my personal favourite country too!

just an initial query…whyever are you here? you have airsoft in MY! i was there recently and really wanted to platy but the girls wanted me to spend time with them instead…hard call…play with the boys or stay home with the girls and get fed…

on the ACR, i’ll let the acr nutbags help you out there.

The acr has a very strong nylon gearbox shell to start off with. I’d start with just upgrading the internals of the gearbox first. (metal gears, 1.3 spring etc) and worry about the gearbox shell if/when it fails. Then you can get a metal one if you want and put most of the parts from your upgraded one in that.


i had a couple of plastics when i was a kid and gel blaster is new to me. trying this out and let’s see where it leads me! it’s my personal favourite country too! hahahaha

@zeHamish airsoft as much as gel blasters are illegal in malaysia. They hv recently lifted ban on paintball lol

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oh! for sure i thought as was a legit allowed sport there. bugger :frowning:

still, the food and girlies…hahaha

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