Jm acr j10 problems with over run

Hi, i have just put a green o ring in my acr j10 and im having some issues. When put in full auto most times after the trigger is pulled the punger still moves a little and causes 1 or two gel balls to come out. Im pretty new to modding but the gearbox looked fine and so did the motor.

Hey Epic,

Are you using the stock battery or have you upgraded to an 11.6V (3S)? I’m running with the 3S and when the gearbox has a bit of use on it it’ll often shoot two gels on semi with a newly recharged battery. When I change out the grease it works a bit better, but yeah, I don’t mind too much.

Also I should’ve checked - the gearbox is cycling twice yeah, not just loading two gels?

Or do you mean once you release the trigger it’s still cycling a bit?

Yes i have upgraded and the gearbox is cycling twice

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Yeah its still cycling after a bit

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My kids blasters all do similar, there maybe a trick to fix it on a ■■■■■■■ video somewhere. I think I may have seen one.
I have mosfets in all of my ones and run active breaking. So the sensors monitor the sector gear cycling and use active breaking of the motor to stop it as soon as I release the trigger. So it acts pretty much the same as the real deal.

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Well they’re rated to 7.4 and the cutout (in mine at least) has a pretty weak spring, in an actual game you pretty much use full auto exclusively anyway.

But to answer your question, there is a cutout above the trigger (you need to take out the tappet and sector gear to access it IIRC), you’d need at the very least to lube it up and make sure it’s springing back into position properly. You might need to investigate a stronger spring if you’re running a stronger battery than stock.

Disclaimer: my experience with this problem is based on a single J10 blaster (my main experience is Gen.8 which don’t have single fire)

Hey bud, is that the semi auto lever that you’re talking about or something else?

I think his issue is the motor still has momentum to spin once he releases the trigger. Thus popping off an extra gel or two before it comes to a complete stop.


Yeah, I might not be making sense, there’s a cutoff lever inside the gearbox that I think (in mine at least) doesn’t reset fast enough and allows two shots to go on Semi sometimes (more often with a fully charged 3S battery - not so much with the stocko 7.4V).

I could be wrong, of course :innocent:

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It’s the lever behind the switch box in the linked pic that I’m talking about, though it looks different in my box (working from memory here). I think it gets set by the weedy spring that’s part of the selector plate? Not exactly sure how it works …

Yeah mate it happens with semi but most of the time also happens with full auto

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Yeah bud that’s for semi fire mode, so you changed the spring above the trigger trolley so it pulls it back faster?
I’m not an expert on this but I believe that when you run 11.1 through a standard switch block it can arch. So even before there’s a actual connection it’s starting to fire and also it can weld itself together momentarily I believe due to the voltage/amps going through the switch block.
Someone with an electrical back ground can probably confirm or deny this✌🏽


It is called inertia… once the trigger is released, the motor doing a zillion rpm cant simply stop immediately… it takes a few revolutions to stop. What could possibly help is to find some sort of esc that has a brake function? That way when you let off the trigger, the motor actually receives some reverse electrickery?noidea pop

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