Jm acr r metal gears must go! $199

Hey guys I have some Metal gear ACR R that need to go!

They shoot between 250 FPS - 280 FPS
(could do more with a simple upgrade)

They are kitted with all the juicy metal internals and an upgraded motor. These need to go as I need space for more incoming stock… I had them at $300 but I’ve dropped them to $200 to get them moving.

Only 4 left!

These just running stock Gen 8 mags? Looks like it.

The AR type take gen 8/9 mags, well my mates did anyway.

The bannana ak mag type I think are specific with the jinmeng Ak range

Yeh those ak mag types are hard to get but I might be able to snag some if people are keen?

I probably wouldn’t bother if you going to move those ACR -R Ak type.

J10 ACR-R Type Magazine | Australian Gel Blaster | – Tactical Edge Hobbies

Okay I was thinking of grabbing 40 mags as I have 20 stock ACR R that would need spares too and at a price of 20 per mag baby who can knock that!

Tempting, but you know my rule, I buy a new blaster, me needs more mags with it straight away. I’m a bit finicky like that.

Oh right well then be my guest, thought you said only had 4, no problem you know what you got.

These are a hot item if you can get hold of them :+1: hint hint. Sry to sidetrack
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Mmmmm bakelite mags, yes, those babies sell out quick smart. Pretty sure @davbot buys all of them, fills a kids pool with them and rolls around in bakelite bliss :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (we don’t need photographic proof, just a theory).


It’s a very small pool hahaha! Doesn’t even compare to the spa at Mike’s.

Same colour as some of the geriatrics at Mike’s in the spa though :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: