JM AK74u buttstock blanking plate

Feeling decidedly laY…thought I’d ask the brains trust

Looking for a blanking plate for the JM AK74u J12

I am definitely more than happy to cut into the stock foldable but it seems a waste.

Anyone have one, seen one, know of?

I couldnt find one, im pretty sure i seen one before.i will 3d print one with a Qd point.

No qd point needed.

A 21mm pic mount would be spot on but I think I’ll just butcher the triangular one today

Impatience :rofl:

All done used the qd fitting from j12 folding stock.


Very nice

What’s a Muppet to do to get his hands on one?

Would definitely like a 20mm horizontal pic mount

Could print with two mounting holes for a metal pic mount.

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I’d need it built in. I use those over rail D sling attachments

EDIT: meh…I’ll grab one as is…I don’t really need a sling for cqb

Nicely done! I’m also interested in getting my hands on one. Or if the file is available I can get it printed.

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any chance you can share that stl ?

Ill try get a stl up.


Pretty Slick ! Slick :rofl:

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Indeed that is slick, nice work :ok_hand:

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Very tidy.

I may yet still get one too…

Got impatient. Got my Dremel out.

hey mate, any luck wit that blanking plate STL ?

Hey man, Jinming Gen12 AK74U stock delete plate by Feenal - Thingiverse


Legend! I might try it on one of my MST’s

Fit should be fine, as I run the MST folding stock on the J12 currently (better build/finish, imho)

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Awesome thank you.

Here is what my J12 did on the weekend straight out of the box.

It Didnt like Ausgel hardened milkies tho (gels a couple of months old), kept missing feeds, like it was shooting but say 2 out of 5 shots no gel came out, tried the LDT reds after (these are 2 weeks older than the milkies) and they were fine ?