JM Gen12 J12 AK74u front guards?

Does anyone know of any front guard kits for the JM Jinming Gen12 J12 AK74u that add rails so i can run a vertical front grip & a torch ?

ZD have a 3D printed or wood version for the MST, though they do note that it may not fit other models.

I can’t confirm as a) I only have the wood version, and b) I haven’t figured out how to remove the J12 guard.

I’d like to know so I can try and put the “ribbed” MST guard on my J12

I was Hoping the front guard from the RX AK (not the bit over the upper reciever) Like I have on my Alpha King AK74 might fit.

Get the wood one and screw some rails on. Lol

I am not really a fan of the classic wood look but I guess that is an option.

Heresy! If you feel like taking a punt…

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Does this mean you’ve successfully removed the stock handguard?

I can’t figure it out for the life of me - any pics or videos out there?

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, as the MST was very straightforward.