Jm gen9 barrel curvature

one guest received a jm j9 with a curved barrel, anyone knows a better way to fix it except changing a new barrel? thx

gentle heatgun and pressure.

take it out and put an alloy in it. do some stock upgrades.

its about the same effort

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I would be finding which way it needs to be ‘persuaded’ to be straight… then put the barrel end into a piece of pipe and put it in the sun so the weight of the blaster (gravity) will pull it straight in the heat of the sun.

Put something under the butt end to stop it bending too far and when it is straight, cover it with something like a silver tarp or a windscreen sun reflector so it cools straight…

All of these plastics are heat moulded:+1:

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nice tip , just need a great sunshine

pretty straight forward way, can give it a try

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You can always park your car in the sun if you are not somewhere with a hot climate like Qld, but I understand you are based in Brisbane, so a car will be at 60 degrees in 20 minutes… set it all up, close the windows… voila… oven laughing%20(1)

Once the butt is resting on the stopper… open the windows and shade the blaster with something (or air conditioning on) :grin:

You just have to make sure you locate exactly where the bend is… no use suspending it by the barrel if the actual bend is along the plastic fore section/fish bone… not the barrel itself… if the thing is bent in the middle… lay it over something with the bend in the middle with the bend/bulge upwards, then put something heavy on top of where the bend is and something under it to make sure it doesn’t go too far the wrong way…:roll_eyes: pop

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appreciate your typing, definitely will let them know

Did you get it sorted?

the tube is too hard to be bent, and gonna replace it with a new one

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Probably a bit too much fabrication work to use HDPE like that :rofl:

What did you use for a heat source?

a hair dryer to give it some heat

In New Zilland (the land of the wrong white crowd), it is called a ‘Fush Bone’ :+1:laughing%20(1)

BTW… it is not a handguard… it is the ‘fore stock’… but I am happy from now on to refer to it always as a fishbone… just to annoy people :+1::grin:


Now THIS… is in fact… a fish bone! eye%20boggling hell%20yeah laughing%20(1)

nice fishbone Cal

Technically it’s not , A whale is not a fush :wink:

A mere technicality laughing%20(1)

Either way, it appears to be looking for a little snapper?drum

probably because chinese call it 鱼骨, the direct translation literally means fish bone

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