JM gen9 handguard/rail

I’m looking for a replacement handguard for the original fishbone handguard for this J9 model.

Can’t seem to find any that’s able to replace the original without any modifications.

Is there any handguard with rails that I can use to replace it?

Im pretty sure any any ■■■■■■■ one fits with the big thread, no adapter needed…

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Searched around but cant seem to find any that really fits. Do you have a reference model for me?

Just type in “m4a1 gen 9 front guard” into ebay. Heaps of results should appear.

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Sweet, found it!

The fishbone front guard needs a universal fishbone adapter ring? Cos it seems like those front guard does not fit the original ring

The nylon guard you have found from beastpro is very easy to install. No adapter rings or anything needed.

My mate just bought a Noveske12" and can’t figure out how to install it on a Gen9 M4a1, we have taken the fishbone hand guard off and ready to put the other on

Welcome to the Gel blaster forum @Kyle_C :grin:
I’m going by memory here but:

  • First you have to unscrew the front sight
  • Then you can take out the metal rod off that simulates the gas blow back tube.
  • Now you can unscrew the Delta ring (The rod would have prevented it from turning)
  • Then you screw on in its place the handguard ring. Don’t over tighten it, also be gentle and do not cross thread it. Check to make sure it’s the same thread. if its really hard to screw on its either the wrong thread or its crooked. You also need to make sure one of the sets of screw holes are in the right position so that your new handguard will be straight and also flush with the reciever
  • Then slide your handguard over that and there are a few screws that hold it in place.

The other thing I suggest is to support the front of the outer barrel inside the handguard. There are many ways to do this but basically you need some sort of a donut made out of wood/plastic/rubber/3d printed etc that the inner hole is the same as the outer barrel size and the outside of the donut is the same as the inner size of the handguard. Basically that will give the barrel support so that it doesn’t wave around and make your blaster more accurate.
You can buy them, and they look something like this:

but most people just make one.

Hope that helps, feel free to ask if you’re not sure about anything :+1:t3: