JM MP5 V2 Dive in and Mods



  • Iconic compact blaster, one of several versions on the market.
  • Nylon receiver (nylon gearbox)
  • Drum mag (supplied) holds around 350
  • Retractable stock
  • Ambidextrous mag release
  • 220fps (in reviews, sucks in reality)
  • Realistic weight and feel (1kg w/o gels/battery)

Could be better:

  • Rubbery trigger
  • No mounting rails
  • Loose mag mount
  • Tiny loading port on drum mag
  • Front guard and stock mount held with plastic pins
  • Full-auto only. Semi-auto setting is also full auto.
  • Stock wobbles when extended (locking wheel has excess play)
  • Stock removal required to access battery
  • Takes 7.4v supplied battery only (weak 2xAA Li that struggles)
  • Tiny battery compartment (extendable with removal of weight perhaps)
  • Small grip
  • I know it’s as per original but WTF is it with that rear sight?

Bit of work ahead. Love it.


I was at one point tempted to get one of these. Love the mp5 platform. In the end though the ldt one got announced before i made up my mind


Diving in

  • front guard, stock mount, grip and front sight off
  • dozen screws out
  • mag release does not need to be removed
  • nylon gearbox. Yay!
  • 1 screw holds t-piece to shell
  • recharge handle spring way too long. It wobbles and rattles when released
  • plastic barrel 7.5mm x 19.5cm, oval shaped at muzzle (7.6x7.2) Eek!
  • 1.1mm x 17cm spring (barely spring steel)
  • 460 motor is soldered. Could be sub-par as it struggles with the stock spring even if it is 2cm longer than usual
  • excessive, loopy wiring everywhere (with no regard to colour), even if battery connector is run out to a folding stock
  • industrial diode for pre-charge, un-trimmed and uninsulated of course, useful elsewhere :grin:
  • mag contacts are different and work well
  • rebar above gearbox will need to go to accommodate 3x14500 lipo batteries. Tempted to use parts from a battery holder so I just insert batteries like a torch. Anyone try that? :sunglasses:

Mods (this will be ongoing)

  • shims added to tabs on wheel that lock sliding stock
  • rubber pads added to voids at ends of slide rails > stock wobble fixed
  • stock spring is actually a 1.3cm diameter. Put in a regular 1.1mm x 15cm x 1.4cm with a cheap 7.4v lipo and fps is 190 consistently. Crap stock spring.
  • regular cylindrical battery will fit with the removal of an unused tab sticking out the top of the gearbox (see yellow circle)

Niggles everywhere and have yet to turn on the soldering iron or open the gearbox!

Stock slide lock wheel shims and pads inside slide arms

This unused tab blocks the use of 18650-sized batteries


Shocking stock wiring!


I am sooooo never covering a diode again

I may even bend in little figures and shit because…why not

They must have blind people assembling these

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Don’t temp me.

you should want to want to do it just because…

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Sugeestions anyone?

I think #2


  • Trimming for 11.1v 18650 sized lipo
  • 12:1 nylons
  • Port for 7/60 free travel
  • 1.3 Spring, for now
  • 7.0 x ?? barrel
  • Opening in receiver for easy spring change
  • Wiring, upgrade and trim
  • plug connectors to 460
  • Burst chip
  • Motor ?
  • Hop up ?
  • IR Laser ?
  • UV
  • Mag motor ?
  • Tactical front grip ?
  • Pre-charge for trigger hand
  • Fiberoptic front sight
  • Cree torch (flash when firing?)

Going to use this in the rewiring.
Why not? :sunglasses:

it’ll do the job

How many of there are you. How do you get so much accomplished in the very same amount of time that I have. I have told myself to keep you lot well informed and up to date with my new Nylon EVO build (minor tweaks) and as you have not heard a single thing, well, the stories now told.

Your 1,2 or 3 dilemma, I have trouble narrowing to one, I’m gonna have to say, ‘the black one’ and offer my apologies with that.

I’m a H&K freak more so than a CZ freak so what you so innocently post is but absolute temptation to me. The Sight is called a Diopter, yeah, H&K do things the H&K way. I love your reviews and breakdowns, always spot on with opinions and insights, nicely done. Good luck with it, make it sing, I love the flashlight triggered by the trigger function, great idea, I’m subscribing to this channel.


Actually there are 4 of us (we all look alike). :joy::joy:

Black one, thanks.

As I said in another post, I do sometimes like to just tap the pre-charge if there is an interval between shots esp. with a drum so having a button close to the trigger is my preference.

Might use the precharge handle for something else, like a torch switch.

IR laser switch I like to place on the trigger hand grip.

Will see.

Haven’t chrono’d yet. Should be decent with the mods. The 12:1 gears with 11v is giving a respectable 15rps and the stock motor is handling that and the 1.3 spring easily.

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Put a pin through the charge handle to re-inforce it.
The charge spring I replaced with something less floppy and now sleeved to stop it rattling. This will also prevent it catching on wiring as the Cree is going on the end of that tube.

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Hole cut at end of receiver to allow easy access to the spring.

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Four hey, that’s five to many by my count.

Please spread your wisdom my way, why does it only (only vs respectable) get 15rps yet has 12:1 ratio and 11.1v up it’s ass, whats missing in this equation, what am I missing, I would have predicted, from my ass now, 22rps, what gives.
Nice choice, MP5’s, very nice, I will expand my H&K collection one day, UMP as of now.


Slow arse motor?

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I’d say #2, but I’m interested in where to get the grip in #1

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I’ve gone with 2 but here is #1.
Good price I reckon.
https //

Not sure if motor is slow, I just did 1 burst.
Happy to be mistaken. :sunglasses:
Will chrono again when it’s all done.

I’m chiming in late here but if you went with the grip behind door #2 I’d definitely say you’re on a winner… :blush:

I do love MP5s, man… looking forward to seeing this one get “The Treatment”. :+1:

PS I much prefer the A3 sliding stocks to the A2 fixed variant in the LDTs… gettin’ me one of them thar sliders.