JSG (UK) RX AKM-47 Review

Heres a decent review of the AK. It’s not a video, just text and pics :smile:


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So this is the one that came out and had a bunch of problems or is this a new model?

Well as far as I know this is the original 7.4v Nylon geared which had no know problems expect for average performance and accuracy. But the new ones came out with an 11.1v and steel gears and I believe the sheer speed that the new battery provided was too much for that 500kg chunk of metal that rams up against the front housing of the gearbox to give you the “blowback” or recoil feel. I just weighed it, It’s 180grams. Don’t you think this is the equivalent of someone hitting the front of the box with a small hammer? Then speed it up with the 11.1v battery… I think I’ll keep one of my Ak’s but that that bloody thing completely out. How much energy am I loosing from having to move that. I wanna blow that energy out of the barrel!

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Here is a tiny little buffer pad on the front of the box to absorb some of that energy I guess.

I might plug the motor and batt back in and see what this looks like when it’s running naked

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I bought one of the metal gear versions of this blaster…
It became deceased after 6 or 7 mags.
Tac Edge were great, they paid for its return and gave me a refund.
Great communication about the problem too.
Any way I bought the nylon gear version and it is great.
Out of the box it;s fairly good.

I see you can get wooden replacement kits for it, very pricey though :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve got a heap of wooden kits wholesale price to sell, still pricey but I gotta say, it feels so damn authentic. Oh and as you would expect they don’t come with a hammer, chisel and sandpaper.


Quanta costa? Please.

Cost of wooden parts?

Holy hell its exciting. At least the quality of this one is decent, gotta look at the positive.

Edit I meant sarcasticly that the AK is exciting to pull down because it is pretty damn complicated compared to a real AK (got to fire and play around with a real AK years ago, damn it was fun) Read this post back again and thought ppl must have wondered what the hell i was talking about…

@zeHamish Oh damn, I thought I posted the price before but I must not have finished the message. Theres a few different kits floating around. Some don’t include all four pieces and they never show them fitted to the gun (sus radar going off) but the four piece seem to range from about $90ish to $130ish. Im about to stain a set now, kinda excited.

Maybe Modiker off AliExp might be the cheapest retail I can find without speaking Chinese.

there is some on UNCLE AK’S aliexpress store, and in DIFFERENT COLOURS