Just after a little gearbox care advice

Hey everyone just after a little advice on caring for my blaster … was scared to ask after a few posts I had seen :joy::joy: … So long story in a bit shorter version purchased a gen 9 and a kit with metal gears new piston piston head spring metal barrel bigger motor new bushs shims silver wiring nylon box nylon slide all riser v2 hop up all that over priced goodness :joy::heart_eyes: anyway fukd those gears trying to shim it myself had a way to high powered motor purple chi hai​:cold_face: sent it away to x force for a build new gears an a slightly smaller motor an now running absolutely amazing… drops pigeons… I m3an it could :joy::man_shrugging: but after probably 8-10 mags I was wondering if I should be greasing it yet??? Or how often I should be ??? I’m not a dumbass can build car an bike engines but this is new to me an after dropping a grand 3 weeks into the new hobby I figured I should do a bit myself to save coin… Just after my first experience with the box (30 times pulling apart an back togethor) I’m dreading doing it again… but really I think I should be fine if I can keep track of my shims when I split the box it should be no drama anyway just after any tips or advice AS TO HOW OFTEN I SHOULD BE GREASING…IF I CAN DO IT WITHOUT SPLITTING THE GEARBOX?..guys as it’s sooo hard in Nsw but I love the sport … I will be hopefully seeing some of you at donnybrook soon thanks so much for your time

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welcome to the zoo…whilst you’re parting with cash…i’ll send you my delivery address and a list.

shimming is easy, but it is an art which takes a bit of patience at first…you will get there.

maintenance…i really only bother cracking mine when it drops enough performance that i’m not competitive on field or makes noises it shouldn’t

a ways back my SLR did just that…funny noise. no feed…it had been in play for months as a primary and thoroughly brutalised…tappet required replacement, common fault.

but when i opened it up there wasn’t and nasty surprises…sure the oring was worn, meh but gear and piston lube was ok, nothing to see here…

you probably should be pulling it down every few months to check and lube the oring but tbh…if i drop from 320 to 280 and my kill ratio is still in my favour…i couldn’t be…

now…that said…if i’m going to donnybrook…i tend to touch all my equipment…you really want that peak performance on that field.


This is exactly the kinda answer i was after dude​:ok_hand::pray::pray: thanks sooo much for your time you saved me heaps​:pray: so after a couple of weeks of stuff all use there is probably no point cracking it? Think I’m just getting used to the sound of it the metal gears heavier spring an motor it’s pretty loud so I always worry something is wronge but it doesn’t sound bad or anything lol. Il give it another month or so an grease it an do the o-ring before the first comp…
Thinking of adding an alpha king an to the kit for the day any reccomendations on a top out of the box blaster ?

Point that should be made…

If you don’t run them regularly the lube I suppose distributes thanks to gravity which creates extra wear on your oring when you do

Super lube is the shit too…get on it

I take all mine off the wall every few weeks and just give them a couple short squirts. Dry fire. Then put them back on the wall


If it aint furked… don’t ‘fix’ it laughing%20(1)


I strip, clean, check and re-lube every 30,000 gels but I mostly use bushes not bearings, with bearings I would remove the receiver only and lube the bearings every 10,000 gels


Awesome super lube … mite get some for the Mrs to :joy::joy::+1: il get onto it… but yeh I got a pigeon problem so mine gets a squirt at Least every 2 or 3 days half a mag or so sweet thanks heaps again any ideas on the second primary to my kit ? Rather buy something built hot shit out of the box… not spend another 650 on upgrading a 200 dollar blaster lol

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Don’t pay retail

Buy a decent unit with a plan and then fleaBay, chgbbs, zhendou or other non au pineapple priced place to source the parts

Have a dream…then order, not the other way around

Have an idea of what gameplay you want it for too…if you’re building a cqb blaster you’ll choose different bits to say a Dmr or all purpose

Lots of good chatter about current hardware that is solid ootb in recent days

By building yourself…you learn and ultimately bypull get a better outcome