Just got my first blaster a Kublai k2 m4, who else has one here?

New here to the forum and to gel blasters. Just recieved my Kublai K2, and would like to know how to prime the mag without dry firing it. cheers

Hello, welcome to the board. The K2 doesn’t have a prime built into it, you need to dry fire it, or I did see a 3d printed mag primer you can buy that can prime for you.

best way to fix this is by when you fill up the mag also fill up the feeding hole on the mag so its already basically primed and 3 or four shots away from reaching the t-piece :wink:


Thanks for the replies ! I heard kublai can take ■■■■■■■ mags, which are far superior with the spring loaded. Only problem is they take the 6mm ■■■■■■■ balls

yeah, thats not going to happen. Pre loading your mag from a speed loader is no issue at all.

So a speed loader will work for 7-8 mm gel balls ? Pls say yes !

Yep, they are those black bottles the shops all sell for about 15, or use literally any other kind of bottle for same results :wink: