JY AWM feeding issues

Hi guys, i have a JY AWM just came in and i can’t shoot the gels out after pulling the trigger. I’m using the tenacity hardened gels (alpha king).

The magazine primes normally and so does the spring. but it seems that the gels are getting ‘stuck’ when firing. I’m confused as to what is causing the blockage. I haven’t seen anyone with this problem before.

Any ideas?

You’d be the 3rd or 4th person I’ve seen with a feed issue. Not feeding or spewing burst gels.

i’ve measured the inner diameter, its a 6.9 - 7.0 mm barrel. i’m using the tenacity balls. any idea if its the tightbore causing the issue? is it normal for the awm with this stock barrel?

How did you measure it ?
If it is really that small then yes those gels are far too big and hard and will jam for sure

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Yea, tight barrels, esp one over 50cm will not like the harder gels.
Often the normal milkies work better.
You’ll need to experiment a bit or even try a different barrel which for some is half the fun.

i measured it using a digital caliper. inner around 6.9 - 7 mm, outer around 8.9 - 9mm. really strange issue. was wondering what was wrong. ended up was the barrel. oh my… maybe ill try fitting in some bbs and the new hollow point bbs and see how it goes

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ok, have bought these, hope it works

WTF are those things ?

Are you yankin our chains :rofl:

new ammo for gel blasters. i’ll try and let you guys know. reusable! and less fuss over cleaning in indoors shoot

new innovations on ammo, and also have you seen the new graded hop ups?

apart from the sweethearts

Link or it isn’t true :thinking:

4 sizes in a pack… similar to sweethearts. these are the limited versions

Hmmmm so you don’t even know why your blaster wouldn’t shoot but you know all the latest on gels and hop ups :thinking:
Reusable gels lol yeah imagine picking up a million gels after a match :rofl:


Fair enough , but tried and tested usually is best when starting out :+1:

That being said, better order me some :rofl::joy:

It all good, you can let us know how they go

SOooo what are they Rattler?
Some sort of nylon round?

Your asking me ? I never seen them before now either lol