Keeping your blaster running maintenance

how often do u pull your blaster apart for maintenance eg gearbox, pistons, clips ,barrels,o-rings, and what are some things i should do

When it breaks - but I have two and have broken one of them every time we go out to play!

Seriously, the worst was when I tripped and dirt napped on top of my ACR - broke the stock clip but also ended up with a lot of dirt in the barrel and inside the gearbox. Had to clean that out, and also “had” to put metal gears in at the same time…

In terms of what you should do, o-ring and nozzle seal and making sure the tappet moves freely so you’re not losing air are my biggest recommendations. Other things are if you’re chasing a specific problem…

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Nar nothing specific just general stuff to look after it how offen should u grease and oil

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Well my recommendation is don’t worry about it until something breaks or you notice a drop off in performance (or you’re not happy with the existing performance). We’re generally talking about cheap self tapping screws driven straight into plastic, so if you don’t need to take it apart then you’re better off not doing so!

That said, having the things apart and learning how they work is part of the hobby!

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I have acr The only thing I’ve done is my own custom barrel s/steel tight boar and it’s shoots at 290fps now happy as with it just want to know what other people do for mantanice how offen to grease oil just little things like that I’d pulled it apart after about 6 hours of owning it it’s good stuff to learn cheers

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When it breaks. Or if luck is on your side and you hit 50k+ gels I’d pull it apart for a clean and lube, maybe O ring, inspect everything. They all break eventually.