Kids full face protection

Anyone have any recommendations for kids face protection. Prefer full face
Need them for 5, 9 and 12 year olds


I just got these;
AU $5.37 28% Off | Tactical Mesh Mask ■■■■■■■ mask Shooting games mask Camo Half Face Protective Lower Mask Adult Breathable

They are adult but not sure if they had kids. Expect they will have to have something.

AU $18.57 5% Off | WoSporT Tactical Outdoor Lens Mask Full Face Breathable CS Hunting Military Army ■■■■■■■ Protection Masks Paintball Accessories

Or these.

Good luck man.

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How small are the kids you are talking about? The Chinese seem to make all one size for these sort of things… I bought some of these…

And they fit me… (I take a 58 helmet)… they may fit a 14 year old, but probably too big for anyone younger that you may be supervising (because under 14) …

Hopefully some others who have masks and goggles for their kids can chime in as to what is most suitable?

There young, 5 and 9.

5 year old took a gel to the lips thanks to his older brother
Think I’m gonna buy these and just adjust them to fit.
They have googles but the first thing that’s exposed normally is your face lol.

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How serious are the kids, will they be doing skirmishes or is it just for backyard play ?
If they are keen and intend to be playing regularly cheap face protection has a few issues .
They are typically very uncomfortable to wear for extended periods because they are stiff plastic and have minimal foam padding, they can also have poor optical clarity and can also fog baldly.
If your looking for cheap I would advise quality motor cycle goggles and a mesh face mask like Calcifer posted.
Or if you want something that is a joy to wear have a look at some of the paintball masks, they range in price quite a bit but you can find some very high quality ones for a reasonable price.
I use both set ups at different times and the paintball one I like is the V force grill.


Make sure you get them different colors… so you can tell which one just tagged you… so you put the right kid in the ‘grudge book’ boink calmdown laughing%20(1)

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9 and 12 year old want to play proper skirmishes, 5 year old is just to young so around the house only for him.

Thanks for the info, I’ll keep looking around.

Xmas coming up so I can kill two birds with one stone lol.


If they are a bit too big, you can get some foam from Clarke Rubber or the like and glue it to the existing foam… and add extra elastic straps to help keep it in place until they grow bigger.

I am happy for your kids that they want to actually do something real, rather than just play on the play station or something…

It shows how good the sport of Gel Blasters actually is… it gets kids outside and doing some exercise :+1:

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Hey bud have you got a link for that scary looking mask?
I know this guy with pin hole precision and think I may need some lip protection too :sweat_smile:

We had a big weekend of CQB and I ended up with a split lip twice , the guy that did it used my spare blaster since his broke down, that’s the first time I wished my blasters weren’t so powerful , but it was fun :rofl:
My forearm :grinning:


Ouch and here I was wishing we both lived in the same town to battle it out.
Yeah I’m a sucker I still want to go to war with you :sweat_smile:




Speaking of face protection… here is a pic of Rattlers (evidently) laughing%20(1)


Our kids can just shoot in the face that’s why after the first occasion we’ve bought them the masks. They are 13 and 10. For the younger child we’ve bought POKONBOY and for the older child - V-Force. Definitely, there are many different reviews on the Internet and it hard to choose the right one especially because most of these reviews are fakes.

Parents need to keep the kids well supervised as well… all of the safety stuff re blasters says for 14+… so, if an under 14 year old sho0ots someones eye out, their could be grief of the legal kind. I am not sure if 14+ is a LEGAL thing, or just an ADVISORY thing?

I would suggest that for young uns, parents reduce the spring and really enforce no aiming at anyone’s face or even ears…

as they say… it is great fun… until someone gets hurt… ceazy badluck

I mean… no one wants to get in the… :poop:

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I bought my son a Dye i4 from Ausgel - not only looks wicked on him but gives him really good protection - add on neck protector and HK Army crash pads + tactial vest and he is good to go … oh dont forget a cup too :wink:

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How did these turn out @Hiroshima_screamer? Fit okay for the kids? Any issues quality wise (especially the lenses)? And how’s the tint/mirror (I’m guessing too dark for night games)? Thanks!

Yeah bud not bad, fits the 9 year old fine. Quality is ok for around home👍🏽

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How about these? laughing%20(1)

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I say neigh laughing%20(1)

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