King Gelsoft Systems - M4 Mk18

Must that kinda week for new blasters being available

Kingsoft Systems - M4 Mk18 Extac Australia

Full metal
300+ FPS

Looks like the same factory as the Mk18 pro from M4a1

Did you see the part in the video where they show the buffer tube? Neat idea, the cutout in the side to make battery connecting and positioning easier.

Yeah the mk18 pro gold from m4a1 had the same buffer tube

Also the same accessories ,gels and manual

cool, must be a pretty good bit of kit then :+1:

Well if starting at the top was the norm. I just purchased this little baby, and do I mention it was my first blaster I have ever owned or used. It feels amazing in hand, I am the newest of newbies, so I’m reading up and watching as many vids as I can before getting her out.
I also purchased a Beretta m92 and that I have used. With nothing to compare it to, it seems fairly good. Not much power, but I will add hop up and other mods soon.
It was fairly accurate, getting a 130mm grouping on only the fourth mag full out of the box.

Can’t wait to try the full metal mk18. Looking forward to meeting you blokes also! Thanks for having me. Cheers


welcome mate :wave:

Nice first purchase :+1:

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Hey BlasterGuy. I haven’t had any hobby or sports going for a while and am crazy locked into this gig. Thanks for the welcome mate.:+1:t3:

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Hi @Tradie and welcome

Excellent choice for your first blaster, the MK18 Full metal is very nice :grin:


Hey Rattler mate! I bought a different product from Extac and they put me on the mailing list and then was presented with their new video. Two minutes later ordered it and now have much to learn! It’s feels so bloody good to hold. Would love a full metal pistol also.
Nice to meet ya man!:+1:t3::wink:


Welcome to the asylum, Tradie. :+1:

If your first blaster’s anything to go by I’d say you’ll be posting up some pretty sweet photos of your gear when the bug biites and you buy your next two or three… or four… or… :wink:


True true FF! I still haven’t fired the MK yet and I bought a beretta! Now better gels, hop up and on and on… you know the story!!
Sitting on the couch now, not watching tv: reading up on my new found love!!


Stoked you’re so excited about your new found passion mate. It’s really cool to see and hear. Stick around in here bud, it’s absolutely full of great information that’ll help you crack along with all sorts of mods and customisation.
But be aware, every one of these buggers in here are complete enablers. This is not the place to seek help ridding your addiction. Wouldn’t have it any other way though! :joy:
Great choice of first blasters too!


Nice looking MK18 :+1: :+1:


asked on one of their videos if he is Neville?