Kriss Vector Motor Smoking

Just picked up a Kriss Vector for $30 due to the motor giving out a puff of smoke on firing.

Fire select works fine, so no mosfet issues. Looking at it while it’s apart and test firing it with a 7.4v battery I get a tiny puff of smoke out of the back of the motor just behind where the red active wire’s soldered onto the motor, that’s if the red and blue wires are what they’re supposed to be.

Is it the motor itself that I should be replacing or looking further along the loom for problems? Everything seems okay on visual, but I wouldn’t want to melt this thing… or fry the mosfet.

I’d start by trying another motor, but I guess you don’t have spares lying around? There’s nothing good about smoke coming out of the motor chassis in any case…

I’ll pick another motor up and try it out, Torc… two wires. This was cheap enough to make it worth it…

One of the two earth wires that come out of the back of the motor and get wrapped around the metal tabs was loose, I took the opportunity to solder them while I was at the motor anyway. Making sure good contact and all, but still smokes a little.

Motor swap it is :+1: cheers

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i fitted mine with spade plugs. it is easy enough to do and fairly handy if you have to get in / out of the box.

while you have it apart, consider spending an extra 10$ on it to protect the stock mosfet with a second one just for the motor


@zeHamish Great suggestion about the spade plugs… wouldn’t have thought of that. :+1:

I know how you build well enough by now to be thinking this is a bit of a redundant ask, but do you solder and heat shrink those plugs on or just run with the crimp?


the terminal on the underside is a bit in the way so you will definitely need to bend the spade.

i saw recently 90 degree spade crimps…sweet as…will convert my arse to those at some point


The little puff of smoke has turned into a visible light show, and battery getting pretty hot after a couple of 3 shot bursts… so definitely no more test firing until the motor swap. :joy:

@zeHamish Is the mosfet in these Vectors held secure or is it supposed to be just held by the wiring in the top of the receiver?

I would have thought it would have a secure home in there somewhere… just seems a little agricultural having a mosfet rattling around only held in place by the wires :thinking:

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it sits in place using gravity and sheer will…

actually if you’re using the stock fet with a stock loom its pretty much crammed in there and held in via compression from the cabling

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Yeah… my setup exactly… :+1:cheers.

I was thinking about a dab or two of silicone to hold it a little more secure, but I guess it has to be loose for tear downs.

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There is allways a bit of a light show because the brushes spark at the contact on the commutator, In the Vectors you can see it but in most other blasters you can’t.
Not saying yours is normal though as I can’t see what’s happening

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Yeah, can’t upload an MP4 file…

On pew pew setting it gives of one large flash, smokes heavily, fires about 5 times then stops… I know that ain’t normal. :joy:

Picking up a new motor tomorrow, hopefully will fix the problem.


Nope that ain’t normal :joy:


Are you not happy with your arse as it is now Hammie? noidea laughing (1)

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Don’t believe what they tell you m8

Perfection is attainable…

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New standard motor’s in, Vector’s running sweet now.

Cheers for the help and advice from everyone… awesome. :+1:


So now it’s Smokin not Smoking :rofl:


Indeed… running like a champ. :+1: Dunno why I haven’t had one of these until now, nice piece of kit.

Fitted an alloy barrel, spring and o ring, waiting on an alloy nozzle now. The standard nozzle doesn’t seem too flash. Interestingly, I opened up the airholes and widened the o ring groove on the piston head, as per Low Guido’s method… in an effort to eliminate suction on piston draw. I haven’t got any pre- mod benchmark to compare to, but that seems to be working a treat.


Good that you got it running well - it’s a great blaster!

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An oldie but a goodie, for sure… :+1:

I just pulled my Vector apart. Been running a 1.4 equal spring at 11.1v for ages. 310fps. Everything internally looked great. Those nylon gears hold up surprisingly well